Counties Championship 2022

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The Second 100 Years of County Chess begins again …

Championships Results (in the ECF LMS)

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The ECF OTB County Championships Finals return for 2021-22
After a two-year hiatus between October 2021 and April 2022, the five Unions of the Federation had the opportunity to conduct qualifying competitions for the new look County Championship under ECF ELO ratings and monthly official rating lists for the first time (the FIDE-rated Open has been using FIDE monthly lists for a while now). The national stages will be held on their traditional dates between late April and early July with qualification by Union nomination (by Sunday 27 March 2022) in the traditional way for the following championships —

FIDE & ECF rated (no rating limit)
Gold ECF membership required for more than 1 game and FIDE registration that is not Russian or Belarusian.

Minor Counties
For teams with a maximum team average ECF rating of 2050
Bronze ECF membership required

ECF rating limited sections
For teams with players rated U2050, U1850, U1650 and U1450
Bronze ECF membership required.

The 1st September monthly standard Official Original list (Blue September 2021) determines eligibility for the purposes of the rating limited sections and team average in the Minor Counties. 

Ratings for all
Players can view all their historical and latest official monthly ratings for over-the-board and online ECF rated chess on the ECF rating system database at Live ratings can be found in the list of a player’s games.

Qualifying competitions
These have been held by four of the five Unions, whose current results can be viewed here —

East* | Midlands | North | South
(*via EACU menu and then County Tables)

A Covid-19 adjustment for 2021/22 will see the draws published for each championship (other than the U1850) not later than 28 days before the quarter final default play by date for a particular championship.  The U1850 draw will be published as soon as possible following the close of nominations as there are likely to be one or more preliminary round matches.

Rules 2021/22
The new rules incorporating the changes to the rating limited sections, eligibility criteria, rating lists and board orders are set out in the PDF linked below. Section E (socially distanced chess) and Section F (hybrid chess with teams at separate venues) of the ECF Tournament Rules for ECF rating will be incorporated into the rules to give as much flexibility as possible for the playing of chess whilst we adapt to live with Covid-19.

County Championship Rules 2021-22
March 2022 update [PDF]

Championships schedule

27th March – Close of nominations
23rd April – U1850 Preliminary Round
14th May – Open, Minor Counties, U1850 & U1450 Quarter Finals
21st May – U2050 & U1650 Quarter Finals
11th June – Semi Finals of all championships
2nd July – Finals of all championships  

 Covid-19 conditions permitting, the finals will be held at a venue in the midlands (the Holiday Inn at Birmingham International Airport is currently under consideration) on Saturday 2 July 2022.