UK Open Blitz Championships 2023

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The finals for the UK Open Blitz Championships 2023 will be held at the Woodland Grange, Leamington Spa on 2nd December. The Championships will include an Open and a Women’s final, each event having 16 players with 15 rounds of blitz games in an all play all format. The winners will become UK Open and Women’s Blitz Champions for 2023.

Qualifying players are currently as shown below for the two finals —

Open Final Fed Max (ECF/FIDE Blitz)   Women’s Final Fed Max (ECF/FIDE Blitz)
IM Ameet Ghasi ENG 2555   GM Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant SCO 2210
GM Jon Speelman ENG 2534   WFM Mei-En Emmanuelle Hng SGP 2125
GM Eldar Gasanov UKR 2457   WGM Elmira Mirzoeva FID 2086
GM Keith Arkell ENG 2446   Kamila Hryshchenko ENG 2001
IM Andrew Horton ENG 2401   Madara Orlovska LAT 1970
IM Gediminas Sarakauskas LTU 2345   WFM Mei-Xian Eunice Hng SGP 1947
IM Jonah Willow ENG 2340   WCM Bodhana Sivanandan ENG 1944
IM Araz Basim Mohammed Al-Saffar IRQ 2304   Elis Dicen ENG 1916
FM Tom O’Gorman IRL 2299   Carmel Barwick ENG 1845
FM Bao Nghia Dong VIE 2299   Shambavi Hariharan ENG 1723
FM Daniel Kozusek WLS 2273   Kanishka Bhatia SCO 1692
IM Jose Comacho Collados WLS 2212   Irina Briggs  ENG 1559
Jacob Connor Boswell ENG 2085   Anuurai Sainbayar ENG 1496
Ethan Norris ENG 2068   Elmira Walker ENG 1436
Jake Sanger SCO 1995   Emma Kong WLS 1399
Daniel Maxwell SCO 1991   Siyao Ou ENG 1387

Hotel Bookings
Players wishing to book accommodation at the Woodland Hotel for the nights of 1st and/or 2nd December should contact Reservations/Woodland Grange Tel: 01926 336621. Please let the hotel know that you will be staying in order to take part in the ECF chess championship so that you are provided with the preferential rate.

The finals will be a 16-player FIDE-rated Round Robin tournament. The time limit will be all moves in 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move with the following schedule —

Round Time Round Time Round Time
Round 1 12.00 Round 6 14.15 Round 11 16.30
Round 2 12.20 Round 7 14.35 Round 12 16.50
Round 3 12.40 Round 8 14.55 Round 13 17.10
Round 4 13.00 Round 9 15.15 Round 14 17.30
Round 5 13.20 Round 10 15.35 Round 15 17.50

The pairings for the finals will be drawn randomly in advance of the tournament.

In the event of a tie after round 15, tie-breaks will be as follows —

1. Direct Encounter
2. Sonnenborn-Berger
3. Koya System
4. Tournament Performance Rating, calculated using the players’ ratings in the following order  –

  1. Higher of FIDE or ECF Blitz Rating (December 2023)
  2. Higher of FIDE or ECF Rapidplay Rating (December 2023)
  3. Higher of FIDE or ECF Standardplay Rating (December 2023)
  4. Other Rating assigned by the Organiser. This will normally be a player’s national rating.

5. The tie will remain unbroken, and any awards or prize money for the tied positions will be shared

The prize money for the finals will be as follows —

Position Open Final Women’s Final
1st £800 £400
2nd £400 £200
3rd £300 £150
4th £200 £100
5th – 8th £150 (x4) £75 (x4)
9th – 16th £100 (x8) £50 (x8)
Total £3,100 £1,550

Total prize fund – £4650

Where to follow the games
airings and results for the Championships will be available at these links —
Open Championship –
Women’s Championship –

All games will be played on live boards and broadcast via the DGT cloud and online providers as follows —

DGT Livechess Cloud
Open Blitz 2023 (UK Blitz Championship Open Final 2023) –
Women Blitz 2023 (UK Blitz Championship Women Final 2023) –

Open –
Women –


WIM Natasha Regan will be providing commentary on the live board broadcasts from the finals on her Twitch channel – – starting with Round 2 at 12.20pm on Saturday and running until the end of Round 15 at about 6.30pm. Natasha will be joined by a top level commentary team with the detailed schedule as follows —

12.20pm – 2.00pm – Rounds 2-5 – Stanley Badacsonyi and WIM Natasha Regan
2.15pm – 4.15pm – Rounds 6-10 – GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan
4.30pm – finish (around 6.30 pm) – Rounds 11-15 –  GM Peter Wells and WIM Natasha Regan

Do tune in to join Natasha and colleagues so that you can follow the action as the event progresses during the afternoon.