Baptism of fire for the UK Parliamentary Chess Club

The UK Parliamentary Chess Club played its first over-the-board match in decades, and it was bruising encounter for them against a well-organised and impressive Imperial College Chess Club team. The club was relaunched off the back of the successful Lords vs Commons match which took place in March, and they now meet every Monday evening in Portcullis House when Parliament is sitting. Although this match was one-sided, chess was the real winner, and it was great to see so many people participating in playing chess in Parliament.

Afterwards, the Imperial College CC members were rewarded with a tour around the Parliamentary estate, and they even managed to visit the public gallery to watch one of the late-night debates in the House of Commons.

If you have a team or a club that would be interested in playing against the UK Parliamentary Chess Club, you can contact the captain, Peter Hornsby, at

We look forward to seeing the club continue to grow from strength to strength!

FM Ulysse Bottazzi 2-0 IM Malcolm Pein
Gautam Jain 2-0 Chris Fegan
George Smith 1-1 Peter Hornsby ©
Kai Lam 2-0 Lord Trevethin and Oaksey
Thivan Gunawardana 2-0 Griff Simon
Holly Gill 2-0 Oliver Moorhouse
Nicolas Zeitouni 2-0 Danylo Nikiforov
Vincent Goverse 2-0 Lord Dafydd Wigley
Mahmoud Farrag 2-0 Daniela Stuhlmann