BCET Awards 2023

The BCET is inviting nominations for the BCET Awards 2023 which are for junior schools (including colleges and other education establishments) and junior clubs in the United Kingdom. The awards to schools and junior chess clubs are for those which have shown outstanding achievements or enthusiasm in chess. Nominations should include a citation, giving details of the school’s/club’s achievements, activities, and actions taken to develop and improve the standards of the juniors of the school/club.

The awards are an engraved board, a set of wooden pieces and a digital clock. This is a valuable award, and it acts as encouragement and incentive to the schools or junior clubs. The ECF resources website – https://www.ecfresource.co.uk/ecf-awards/#bcet – lists the schools/clubs that have received the award in the past, with some citations. Please note that a school/club can apply again for an award if the last award was not recent and where a further award is justified.

Nominations for awards should be forwarded directly to John Wickham, 55 Shakespeare Way, Taverham, Norwich, NR8 6SL Email: j.r.wickham@btinternet.com or via the respective UK national federation (England ECF, Scotland CS, Wales WCU and Northern Ireland UCU ) by 31st May 2023.