Counties Championship 2020-2021

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The Interlude
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the national stages of the OTB County Championships were not held in the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons. The online county competition was introduced in the summer of 2020, with a second season in 2021, incorporating an U1450 regional team tournament and the Blackburne North v South Challenge. Click on the links above for information about these events.

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Pre-Season Regional County Challenge August/September 2021

Leading the way out of lockdown to open up over-the-board chess whilst clubs begin the task of re-establishing themselves within their communities, a summer county regional competition has been launched for teams of eight in an innovative mini-format for players of all abilities, with rounds on Saturdays 14th August, 4th September and 18th September.
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The Major was for teams with an average team rating not exceeding 2000, with players rated below 1600 deemed to be 1600 for the purposes of averaging.

The Minor was for teams with players rated below 2000 and with an average team rating not exceeding 1600 with players rated below 1200 deemed to be 1200 for the purposes of averaging.

A small number of teams participated in each section as Covid-19 restrictions began to be eased, and were drawn from the home counties in the south.   

Essex won both divisions. ECF LMS results – Major | Minor

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