Online Counties Championships 2021

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A competition for County Associations and regional Federations affiliated to the English Chess Federation and their associated online chess players. Following 100 years of over-the-board inter-county national competition, the intervention of the Covid-19 pandemic provided the opportunity for this online sister competition, now in its second season. You can take a look back at the first 100 years of evolving competition here.

The Online Championships taking place this summer (June to September) on the platform are open to ECF Members and ECF Supporters eligible for an entered County – see below for more information how to join one of the teams if you are eligible for that county, which you can do at any time before your county’s last group match. Once again, there will be rated National Challenge pairings running in parallel with the inter-county matches for those who miss out on selection by their county sides.

Matches are played on Saturday evenings at 6:30pm at a rate of G60’/15″

Fixtures, matchday notices & live results are available from the County Championships Online pages on the ECF’s League Management System (see the links above)

The Qualifying stage between June and August, straddling the Second British Online Championships, is planned as a team Swiss in each of the three Championships. The Championships will be contended in September following fair play checks, and are planned to be played on camera with enhanced fair play arrangements on the Zoom video conferencing platform and sharing of screen and task manager.

The Online Counties Championships are governed by the Competition Rules. All players must abide by the Fair Play Regulations. Processing of data is in accordance with the ECF’s Privacy Notice and is set out in the Competition Rules. The ECF Online Code of Conduct also applies.


Qualifiers – top two from each section qualify

Open – all play all played on matchdays 19 June, 03 July and 21 August

Minor – Team Swiss rounds on 12 &19 June, 03 & 17 July and 21 August

U1800 – All play all played on matchdays 12 June, 17 July and 21 August

Finals – all sections on 18 September

Participation & Eligibility

If you would like to play in this competition contact your County Association’s organiser or secretary if you meet the criteria below. A player is eligible to represent one of the following historical counties of England in the Championship if the player is an ECF member or supporter, is not barred from ECF online clubs, has an active playing account (and has not held any others); and meets one of the following criteria —

  1. birth in that county
  2. five years’ domicile in that county at any time
  3. two months’ immediate previous and present membership of a club either in or affiliated to that county
  4. one month’s immediately previous and present domicile in that county
  5. present attendance as a student at a school, college or university in that county