ECF Book of the Year 2022

Think like a Super-GM
Adams and Hurtado
Quality Chess pp464 £29.50

The two authors, in conjunction with the publisher, have produced a book of great interest and originality. Adams is a Super GM, whilst Hurtado has an engineering, scientific, statistical background, and they have combined to answer the question: how does a Super GM think? To do this, players of varying ability from amateur to GM were asked to examine 40 selected positions, find the best and follow up moves, and the time taken, and their thoughts were recorded. These were then analysed and compared. The reader can then do the tests themselves and see how they rate against the panel.

Adams provides full analysis of the test positions to reveal what is going on, so the reader can evaluate their performance. Finally, Hurtado gives a Puzzle Commentary whilst Adam writes Adams Insight giving a Super GM’s overview.

Part Four is headed ‘Conclusions from the Puzzles’. Both Hurtado and Adams answer this question from their different perspectives. Whilst there is some overlap the differences between them are fascinating and interesting.

The last chapter, ‘Eye Tracking Experiment’, is where players studied positions and their eye movements were captured by camera/technology whilst they thought. This is a new field of chess study and the results are well worth reading.

The publishers, Quality Chess apart from being involved from the beginning, have arranged the often complex material excellently. The production of the book is to a high standard, so the book is a pleasure to handle and read.

A very worthy Book of the Year. The information required to think like a Super GM can be found in this book – all that remains is to become one!

— Ray Edwards Jovanka Houska Sean Marsh, 3rd October 2022