English Women’s Online Blitz Championship 2023

The second English Women’s Online Blitz Championship will be held during August 2023. The top finishing player will become the English Women’s Online Blitz Champion for 2023. The event is open to all female ECF members or supporters (QGS). You will need to join the English Women’s Online Blitz Club on Chess.com and fill in the registration form here – https://britchess.wufoo.com/forms/english-womens-online-blitz-championship-2023/ – as a condition of entry.

General Rules
– The tournaments will be played on Chess.com.
– All players must be members of the English Women’s Online Blitz Club on Chess.com – https://www.chess.com/club/2nd-english-womens-online-blitz-championship
– Chess.com anti-cheating checks will be in operation.
– The final stage qualifiers list, draw and results will be published using players’ real names rather than their Chess.com handles. It is a condition of entering the final stage that this is adhered to.
– Players should make themselves aware of the Chess.com rules for maximum time for the first move, disconnects and reconnects, losing on time, drawing and insufficient material, as well as other internet chess concepts like pre-moving and automatic promotion.

Format – Group Stage
Dates – Saturday 5th August (Qualifier A); Sunday 6th August (Qualifier B)
Start time – 4.00pm
Tournament type – two x nine round Swiss tournaments. Players may play in one or both tournaments.
Time limit – 3|2 – All moves in three minutes, plus two seconds per move.
Rating – All games are ECF online blitz rated.
Qualifiers – There will be 16 places in the final, with qualification places available to the top eight players in each tournament. All players can play in one or both tournaments including the eight qualifiers from the first tournament. Where there is a withdrawal from the final or the same players win qualifiers, extra players will be invited to the final based on their rank in the final standings, starting with 9th place in Qualifier A, then 9th place in Qualifier B etc.
Tie-breaks – Chess.com tie-break scores will be used.

Date – Saturday 12th August
Start time – 3.00pm
Tournament type – Knockout format with four stages (last 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final) Two games per match in each stage – i.e. each player will play two blitz games against their opponent with colours alternating. There will be a four-game match to decide the winner and runner-up.
Time limit – 3|2 time control – all moves in three minutes, plus two seconds per move.
Rating – All games are ECF online blitz rated.
Tie-breaks – Play-off matches for each stage of the final will be based on an Armageddon match with the drawing of lots for colours, and the match set up with support from the online controller, who will add time-odds to the white clock. A draw will count as a win for Black.
Time limit: All moves in five minutes (White); all moves in four minutes (Black).

Winner – £200
Runner-up – £100
Non-qualifying Semi-finalist (3-4) – £40
Non-qualifying Quarter-finalist (5-8) – £15
Last 16 (9-16) – £10 each
Total – £520

Entries and Donations
The event will be open to all female ECF members or supporters. Donations of £5.00 or above will be invited to support the prize fund.


Pairings for the Knockout
– Qualifiers from the first event will be seeded 1-8 in order; qualifiers from the second event 9- 16 in order
– The player seeded highest chooses white or black in Game 1
– Colours for an Armageddon playoff will be based on drawing of lots with the online controller setting up the time odds.

Qualifier: There will be Zoom call to assist players in case they need technical support.
Final: Players will be required to join Zoom (the link will be provided to them by email)
They must –
– Share their screen
– Have their microphone on
– Have their webcam on
They must not –
– Use a phone or tablet
– Use a virtual background