FIDE changes to rating system and title regulations

FIDE are making some changes to their rating system and title regulations with further details at the link here –

The rating system changes will come into force from 1st March and are expected to include a one-off change to Standard FIDE Ratings for players with a FIDE rating between 1000 (the current FIDE rating floor) and 2000. For players with a standard FIDE rating lower than 2000 points, an increase will be applied following the formula (0.40) x (2000 – Rating). Players with a standard FIDE rating of 2000 or more will retain their current rating.

The rating system change is being made by FIDE to combat the noticeable deflation in FIDE ratings following the pandemic.

There will be no impact on ECF national ratings which will remain unchanged. The ECF is reviewing the FIDE/ECF conversion formula and will advise any amendments in due course.