Coach required – European Schools in Krakow

Coach required – European Schools in Krakow

An extra coach is required for the England Junior Chess Team at the European Schools Chess Championships in Krakow, Poland, 29th ...
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Alan Merry wins in Jersey – and gets a GM norm!

Alan Merry wins in Jersey – and gets a GM norm!

Congratulations to ECF Chess Academy student IM Alan Merry, who is joint winner of the Open Polar Jersey Chess Festival (31st ...
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ECF Awards 2018

ECF Awards 2018

The ECF Awards Committee invites nominations for the 2017-18 season in the following categories (for the purposes of these awards, please ...
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Arbiter and Organiser title achievements

Arbiter and Organiser title achievements

At the most recent FIDE presidential board meeting, we are delighted to announce that three ENG arbiters/organisers were awarded FIDE titles ...
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Ezra Kirk IM / Matt Wadsworth IM norm

Ezra Kirk IM / Matt Wadsworth IM norm

Congratulations to ECF Academy members Ezra Kirk (above left), on being awarded his International Master title by FIDE, and Matthew Wadsworth ...
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2018 County Championships

2018 County Championships

2018 Counties Championships National Knockout ECF stage draw This year the ECF League Management System is being utilised for the knockout ...
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Data Protection

Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation is the new data protection legislation which comes in to force in May. It will have ...
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Vince Cable signs the petition to recognise chess as a sport!

Vince Cable signs the petition to recognise chess as a sport!

The petition, begun by Klaudia Tombolis, states --- Chess should be recognised as a Sport by Sport England. This can be ...
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FIDE Arbiters seminar – July 2018

FIDE Arbiters seminar – July 2018

27th-29th July 2018 at Holiday Inn Express, 80 Ferensway, Hull HU2 8LN – click here for more details and online entry …
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ECF Arbiters Course – May 2018

ECF Arbiters Course – May 2018

19th – 20th May 2018 at Holiday Inn Express, 80 Ferensway, Hull HU2 8LN  – click here for more details and ...
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What is the ECF and what does it do?

The English Chess Federation – Furthering the Cause of English Chess

What is the ECF and what does it do?
The English Chess Federation (ECF) is the governing chess organisation in England and is affiliated to FIDE (the Fédération Internationale des Échecs). Its mission is to promote the game of chess, in all its forms, as an attractive means of cultural and personal advancement to the widest possible public. In addition, the ECF exists to develop chess by creating the means to enable the highest forms of chess excellence to be achieved, and to expand the game as a social and sporting activity.

Annual competitions run by the ECF include –
– the British Championships, featuring events for all ages from Under 8s to veteran chess players (over 50s, over 65s);
– the Counties Championships;
– the National Club Championships (Major, Intermediate & Minor);
– the English Women’s Championships;
– the Tradewise Grand Prix;
– the National Schools Chess Championships.

Other activities include –
– selecting English teams and individual representatives to all FIDE events, including the European and World Team Championships, Chess Olympiads, and European and World Junior Championships;
– working with the Chess Trust and the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust to support young players;
– running the ECF Chess Academy for our most promising junior players;
– maintaining the National Grading System, with an online database available throughout the year, and bi-annual online publication of ECF grades (January and July);
– training and refresher courses for arbiters.

ECF services include –
– submission of chess events to FIDE for FIDE rating, and international rating liaison;
– chess club and congress insurance scheme;
– discounted motor and travel insurance scheme for all chess players and accompanying persons;
– a monthly eNewsletter to all members;
– a regularly updated online chess events calendar;
– the annual ECF Yearbook: the year’s results, a directory of English chess organisations and officers, lists of past and present Champions and more;
– a map of the current chess clubs in England that the ECF is aware of with their contact details, and the same for English junior clubs;
– maintenance of five websites covering the ECF, ECF Juniors, ECF Seniors, the National Schools competition and the British Chess Championships;
– the ECF Master Points system, which allows chess players to apply for the title of National Master, Club Master, County Master, Regional Master, Team Master and Chess Maestro for performance in graded events;
– the ECF Certificate of Excellence and Certificate of Merit schemes, which feature the CoE tests, available for download from the ECF website at Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond level; and the CoM tests, an online suite of chess skills tests at

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