Glorney Cup 2024

The 2024 Glorney Cup will take place between 23-25 July at the University of Hull.

There will be 6 teams: England; England A; Ireland; International; Scotland; Wales.
There will be 5 rounds, with 2 games on 23 July and 24 July, and one game on 25 July in the morning.

If you wish for your child to play either for England, or England A, then please complete this form:
The International team will be composed of players resident in the British Isles who are registered to other Federations apart from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you wish to express an interest in your child playing in that team, please complete this form:
The tournament will be followed by the British Chess Championships, also held in Hull:
Alex Holowczak, ECF Director of Junior Chess