Rhodes – rounds six and seven from Owen Phillips

Briefly, as we have the IBCA Congress to attend and vote in as well as prep for round seven —
GM Marcin Tazbir (Poland) 5.5/6
Vladyslav Kolpakov (Ukraine) 5/6
IM Piotr Dukaczewski 5/6 (Poland)
IM Predrag Nikac (Montenegro) 5/6
IM Rasim Nizam (Bulgaria) 4.5/6, along with four others on that score, including FM Alexey Streltsov (Israel)
Gary Hogan 2.5/6 (England)

Gary had a most pulsating game – starting with a Benoni, he had to sac to save his Queen, but fought back later and drew the game despite being short of time from about move 16. Unfortunately IM Oliver Mueller (Germany) was ill so forfeited his round six game, and the round seven draw had to be held up in case news came as to whether he would play. He had 3.5/5 so his impact in the draw could be significant.

Round seven top tables —
IM Piotr Dukaczewski vs GM Marcin Tazbir
IM Predrag Nikac vs Vladislav Kolpakov
Bd 30- Gary Hogan 2.5 vs Mirislav Madjeric (Croatia) 2