Rhodes – rounds seven and eight from Owen Phillips

Leaders after round seven —
GM Marcin Tazbir 6.5; IM Predrag Nikac 6; FM Alexey Streltsov 5.5; Yuri Bibikov 5.5; then ten players on 5.

Gary Hogan won again, this time with a London System to move to 3.5/7, a highly respectable performance from a player in his first year or so and in his first ‘Big International Event’.

Round eight —
Board 1 GM Tazbir (Poland) v Bibikov (Kazakhstan)
Board 2 FM Streltsov v IM Nikac (Montenegro)
Board 3 IM Stachanczyk (Poland) v FM Magnusson (Sweden)

Meanwhile Jorgensen Magnusson was elected as the new IBCA President along with his team.

Gary Hogan now moves up to Board 23 and plays Black vAri Tonteri of Finland, who has drawn with three 2000 players here! Indeed his true Rating Performance is 2040 so far, so a tough match up for Gary tomorrow.