Selection Policy 2023

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Selection Policy 2023


This policy applies to the Olympiad and the European Team Championships.

Our aim is to have our strongest teams playing in each competition.

For any particular event the Selectors will choose the players they believe will achieve the best result / highest placing.

Selection Criteria

In making their assessment of the team most likely to achieve the best result the selectors will take account of a number of relevant factors, including all of the following:

  • Grading and Ranking( ECF Grade FIDE Rating)
  • Performance in previous team events
  • Performance against opponents similar to those they are likely to face in the event
  • Level of recent activity and likely activity in the run up to the event. (Number of games and standard of opposition) As a guideline 20 classical chess games in the year preceding the event would be a minimum (preferably FIDE rated) unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Team Dynamics: Ability to contribute to the team effort and support other team members.
  • Development Potential: This should only be a factor if players are otherwise closely matched.

Financial Considerations

If we are in a position that Finance will not allow us to send our best teams then this will be highlighted to all the players in contention so that the position is transparent,  and they will be notified of any new criteria.

Timescale for Selection

The Selectors shall determine the dates for finalisation of the teams, taking into account the associated logistics. They will generally aim to finalise  team selections at least 4 months prior to the commencement of the respective tournament.

British Women’s Championship

Providing the British Women’s Championship is a nine-round FIDE rated event and takes place at least four months before the relevant team competition, extra weight will be given to performances in that event. The winner of the tournament will be automatically selected, so long as they are not rated more than 100 rating points below the player who would otherwise be selected.

Time Frame

This policy will apply from 2023 onwards.


— Malcolm Pein  ECF International Director December 2022 on behalf of the Selection Committee