Complaint Resolution

A complaint was raised by Chris Fegan in relation to matters arising while he was Director of Women’s Chess which was rejected. CF appealed against the decision and in October 2021 Michael Farthing and Nick Faulks were asked to review the appeal, raised on the grounds that the original complaint was heard by Julian Clissold (then Chair of the Board) and Stephen Woodhouse (then an NED and now Chair of the Board) and that neither JC nor SW were unbiased due to allegations raised by CF that they had been attempting to remove CF from the Board.

The appeal panel completed their review on 31st August 2023 and dismissed the appeal due to a lack of supporting evidence. The report of the appeal panel can be found here.

It is noted that the report took almost two years to complete. It is recognised that this is much longer than should have been the case and the ECF wishes to apologise to the various parties affected by the delay.