English Championships 2023

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Prizewinners 2023
GM Michael Adams won the English Championship with 6 points out of 7 and WGM Katarzyna Toma won the English Women’s Championship with 5.5 points out of 7. The new champions are shown here at the prize giving ceremony in Kenilworth.

The full list is —

English Championship              
    Player Club Points Title Trophy  
1st GM Michael Adams   6 pts English Champion Tony Miles Trophy £1,500
2nd= IM Marcus Harvey Wood Green 5.5 pts     £750
2nd= IM Matthew Wadsworth Maidenhead 5.5 pts     £750
4th= GM Mark Hebden Syston 5 pts     £50
4th= IM  Jonah Willow Wood Green 5 pts     £50
4th= GM Danny Gormally Blackthorne 5 pts     £50
4th= CM Ankush Khandelwal Nottingham University 5 pts     £50
Performance prize 2200 plus   Peter Finn Wycombe and Hazlemere       £50
Performance prize 2000 – 2199   Kushal Jakhria Charlton       £50
Performance prize U2000   Roger de Coverly Bourne End       £50
Best U18 player   Jude Shearsby Kenilworth 4.5 pts      
English Women’s Championship              
1st WGM WGM Katarzyna Toma Wood Green 5.5 pts English Women’s Champion English Women’s Trophy £750
2nd= WCM Zoe Varney Blackthorne 5 pts     £270
2nd= WFM Audrey Kueh Guildford 5 pts     £270
2nd=   Kamila Hryschenko Hull 5 pts     £270
Performance prize 2000 plus   Elis Denele Dicen Coventry Chess Academy       £50
Performance prize 1800-1999   Emily Maton Hertfordshire Juniors       £50
Performance prize U1800   Thisumi Jayawarna Tameside Juniors       £50
Best U18 player (shared) WCM Nina Pert Brentwood 4.5 pts     £20
    Ruqayyah Rida Essex Juniors 4.5 pts     £20
  AIM Anusha Subramanian   4.5 pts     £20

Championship Report
For Leonard Barden’s article in the FT click this link — https://www.ft.com/content/ec5a1681-b07d-43ad-b2b6-b6997f9c3b2c

Where to follow and final standings
Tournament Details
Chess-results tournament details can be found at the links below for the two championships. Round 1 pairings will be available from first thing on Friday morning.
English Championships – https://chess-results.com/tnr771194.aspx?lan=1
English Women’s Championships – https://chess-results.com/tnr771195.aspx?lan=1

Games will be played on liveboards at the venue and broadcast on Chess.com, Chess24 and Lichess.org. Commentary will be provided on rounds 6 and 7 by FM Jonathan Blackburn and guest(s) on the ECF streaming channel on Twitch at https://twitch.tv/ecf_streaming

Open – https://view.livechesscloud.com/#250bd270-d04c-48a0-b401-b1e71cd7a4fd
Women’s – https://view.livechesscloud.com/#c25035d0-9840-4fd6-b6b8-2dac139ff551

Open –https://lichess.org/broadcast/english-championship-2023/KmhpOhoY
Women’s – https://lichess.org/broadcast/english-womens-championship-2023/v2T4rz7P

Open – https://chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/english-championship-2023#live
Women’s – https://chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/english-womens-championship-2023#live

Open – https://www.chess.com/events/2023-english-chess-championship
Women’s – https://www.chess.com/events/2023-english-womens-chess-championship

Event Details
The English Championships and English Women’s Championship takes place between Friday 26th May and Bank Holiday Monday 29th May 2023 at the Holiday Inn Kenilworth-Warwick, 212 Abbey End, Kenilworth CV8 1ED

Players must be born in England or have lived in England for at least the preceding 12 months. In addition if they have a FIDE registration, it must be ENG.

We will be implementing a venue-based limit on player numbers across the two championships.

Qualification for the English Championships
Direct entries will be accepted from eligible players where –

  • They have a FIDE title of GM, WGM, IM or WIM; or
  • They have a rating over 2000 ECF or FIDE* in the respective rating list as at February or later and have entered for the event before the capacity limit is reached (at which point entries will be closed)

* NB – the rating floor of 2000 ECF or FIDE has now been lowered to 1900 ECF or FIDE, as of 5th May.

There will be up to eight reserved places for general wildcard entries from players who have not otherwise qualified regardless of their rating.

Qualification for the English Women’s Championships
Direct entries will be accepted from players  where –

  • They have a FIDE title of GM, WGM, IM or WIM; or
  • They have a rating over 1700 ECF or FIDE in the respective rating list as at February or later and have entered for the event before the capacity limit is reached (at which point entries will be closed)

There will be up to four reserved places for general wildcard entries from players who have not otherwise qualified regardless of their rating.

The higher of FIDE rating and ECF rating will be used in determining potential qualification. In the event that a player has neither an ECF nor a FIDE rating, the organisers will assign an estimate based on available data on a case-by-case basis.

Format and playing schedule
Both of the finals – English Championship and English Women’s Championship – will be played as a FIDE and ECF rated Swiss tournament, with a total of seven rounds over five days. The playing schedule will be as follows for both events –

FridayRound 1* – 11:00 to 15:00; Round 2* – 16:30 – 20.30
SaturdayRound 3 – 10.00 – 14:00; Round 4 – 16:00 – 20:00
SundayRound 5 – 10:00 – 14:00; Round 6 – 16:00 – 20:00
MondayRound 7 – 10:00 – 14:00
Monday – Playoffs (if required) as soon as practical after Round 7

* Please note that Round 1 will now start at the later time of 11.00am as shown out of respect for Sue Mararoa-Jones, whose funeral service starts at 9.30am on Friday.

Time control
Game in 90 minutes per player with 30 second increments from move 1.

Entry fees
Open Championship – £65.00
Women’s Championship – £30.00 *
Players must have Gold ECF membership or above
GMs, WGMs, IMS, WIMs – free entry
FMs, WFMs – half price entry
* Entry fees for the Women’s Championship have been reduced to £30 to encourage further participation and with support from the ECF Women’s Directorate.

Latest date for entries
12.00 midday on Monday 22nd May for direct entries and registrations, with registrations subject to an earlier closing date if the capacity limit is reached.
Players qualifying by way of their FIDE title will be offered free entry

The event will be FIDE and ECF rated

Prizes – Open
1st – £1,500
2nd – £1,000
3rd – £500
4th – £200
Performance Prizes – 2200 plus, 2000 – 2199, U2000 – £50 each
Additional prize – Best Under 18 player (born 1st January 2005 or later) – £50
English Open Championship trophy for the winner

Prizes – Women’s
1st – £750
2nd – £500
3rd – £300
Performance Prizes – 2000 plus, 1800-1999, U1800 – £50 each
Additional prize – Best Under 18 player (born 1st January 2005 or later) – £50
English Women’s Championship trophy for the winner

Performance prizes are based on best W-We tournament performance for players within the specified category.
The first placed player not already qualified for the British Championships will qualify for the British Championships in August as the English nominee. No player may win more than one prize. Unrated players cannot win a performance prize.
In the event of a tie for first place in either championship, the award of the championship trophy and the title will be decided by a playoff.
Ties for second or third place will be determined by tie break using the following methods applied in the specified order  —
(a) Direct Encounter (b) Median-Buchholz (c) Buchholz Cut 1 (d) Buchholz
All place prize money will be shared equally between tied players.

Applications for half-point byes will be considered for the first two rounds only. Applications must be made in advance of the championships and will be subject to agreement at the organiser’s discretion. Zero point byes may be requested where required, but of course must be notified to the controllers in advance of pairings for the affected round.

Pairings will be made using the Swiss Manager program. Players failing to arrive in the playing area within 30 minutes of the start for each round will be defaulted. Players whose opponents default will be offered a re-pairing if possible.

Only refreshments obtained at the hotel may be consumed on the premises.

Personal data collected will be handled according to the GDPR details accessible here [PDF]

Please send email enquiries as follows —
English Championships – director.homechess@englishchess.org.uk
English Women’s Championships – director.womenschess@englishchess.org.uk

Tournament rules
Detailed tournament rules may be found here – Tournament Rules

Entries are now closed for both events

Open entrants listclick here

Women’s entrants listclick here

Accommodation for the event
Bed and breakfast rooms are available at the Holiday Inn Kenilworth. Entrants wishing to book room(s) for the event should contact the Holiday Inn direct by emailing sales@hi-kenilworth.com with their booking requirements. Players should quote Reference 2208912 (English and English Women’s Chess Championships) to obtain the preferential rate available for participants at the event.