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The first British Online Chess Championships and Festival is now complete. A full list of the first British Online Chess Champions and prize winners will appear on the website shortly. We will be running a Zoom Closing Ceremony next week to recognise the champions and prize winners with the presentation of awards.

We would like to thank all the players in the Championship and Festival events for their support over the holiday period, and we hope you have enjoyed taking part in a memorable event.

Click here for the Prizewinners’ List –

We would also like to thank our event sponsors – Caplin Systems, for providing the platform for all the games during the Championships (an estimated 15000 games), and our merchandise sponsors, Chess & Bridge, Elk & Ruby, DecodeChess, Chessable and Forward Chess. Thanks must also go to our commentary team of GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan, who also made a very generous donation towards the Julian Farrand, John Naylor, and Nick Mitchem memorial trophies, and of course the BOCC control team, the arbiters, and the ECF office staff, for their exceptional contributions in making the First British Online Chess Championships and Festival such a success.

Tournament results to date
A link to the tournaments on is here –
You can navigate to all the other events within the tournament from this page. Results and final standings are now available for the first weekend qualifiers. Players lists and pairings for the finals are either in place or will be published shortly where the qualifiers have completed.

Championship Format
The Caplin British Online Championships will take place over two weeks from 18th December 2020 to 3rd January 2021 on the platform. The event is being run by the English Chess Federation in collaboration with the Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Ulster, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man Chess Federations/Unions. The British Online will include separate Championships – Open, Women’s, Junior, Senior and Rating Limited. The format is based on one week of qualifier events followed by a week of finals for each Championship.
Each Championship will consist of a qualifier and finals stage with a number of separate events at four different time controls (Standard, Rapid, Blitz and Bullet) as shown in the table below. Players may take part in one or more championships for which they are eligible (e.g. Open, Women’s, Junior etc), and one or more events within their selected championship(s) (e.g. Standard, Rapid, Blitz etc), subject to the entry conditions and playing schedule.

Champs\Event ST RP BL BU
(U18, U16, U14,
U12, U10, U8)
(50+, 65+)
Major / Rating Ltd
(U1400, U1700,
U2000, Open)

ST – standard play | RP – rapidplay | BL – blitz | BU – bullet

All Standardplay events will be based on a game a day with 7 rounds of qualifiers and 9 rounds of finals each in Swiss format. Standardplay games will be based on direct challenge matches on, started by an arbiter. Faster time controls (Rapidplay, Blitz and Bullet) will be run as platform Swiss tournaments. Further details can be found in the Tournament Summary and Schedule.

You can find a list of current qualifier entrants here –

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If you have any enquiries please email or

Players’ Guide with full joining instructions can be found at the link above or here. For standardplay qualifier events you’ll need to be logged in before the start of the rounds and your game will be started by the arbiter. If you have entered a rapid or blitz qualifier or bullet final event you should join the relevant club(s) at and then login to on the event days and click on the link(s) to register for the events from one hour before the start times.

In order to participate in these Championships, all players must either –

  • Have a FIDE Nationality of ENG, IRL, SCO, WLS, GCI or JCI; or
  • Have been continuously resident in England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man since 1st January, 2020; or
  • Be a British or Irish citizen.

All players must also be members of their National Federation. English players should be members of the ECF at Supporter level or higher

Age groups and DOBs
Juniors (in all cases January 1st)
Born 2012 or later – U8; born 2010 or later – U10; born 2008 or later – U12; born 2006 or later – U14; born 2004 or later – U16; born 2002 or later – U18
50+ born 1970 or earlier; 65+ born 1955 or earlier

Allocation of Ratings in all sections
Where the tournaments are being played as part of the inbuilt structures of (see the tournament rules below), the platform’s rating will be used. Otherwise, the ratings used for each tournament will be in the following order of priority depending on time control —

Standardplay Tournaments – FON
Rapidplay Tournaments – RFPNQ
Blitz Tournaments – BRFZNQ

where the letters are defined as follows —
F – FIDE Rating (November 2020)
R – FIDE Rapidplay Rating (November 2020)
B – FIDE Blitz Rating (November 2020)
O – National OTB Standard Rating
P – National OTB Rapid Rating
N – National Online Standard Rating (November 2020)
Q – National Rapid Online Rating (November 2020)
Z – National Blitz Online Rating (November 2020)

Where a player has none of these, the organisers will assign an estimate based on all available data on a case-by-case basis, failing which the player will be assigned a rating of 0. National ratings and FIDE ratings will be treated as equivalent i.e. no conversion formula will be applied. The ratings allocated by this process will be used in the calculation of any relevant prizes.

Championship titles will be awarded separately for each event (e.g. British Online Open Standardplay Champion or British Online Open Rapid Champion etc.)  Further details of the prizes will be published shortly and will include trophies and/or medals for the top placed finalists in all Championship events [Prizes page]


General Regulations
Detailed tournament regulations can be found here [PDF]

Fair Play Arrangements
The Fair Play arrangements for the Championship can be found here [PDF]

Fair Play Commission complaints form
Click this link to open the form –

Please note that for the Championship Finals, excluding the Major (i.e. Open, Women’s, Seniors and the Juniors), it will be mandatory to join a Zoom call for the arbiter and players in the event with the players screen shared and players’ webcams on.

All games will be rated in the ECF Online Rating List.

If you’d like to be kept informed about this event and other online events, visit this online form and get in touch –