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All Players Bulletin 20 December – click here

Matches in all standardplay events, all finals (except for the Bullet final), and the Rating Limited events or Major Open will be paired in Swiss Manager and started by the arbiters. To join these you need to be logged in to live around 30 minutes before the start of the round. You will then be paired automatically at the specified start time for the round or shortly after.

Matches in the qualifiers at faster time controls (i.e. rapid, blitz, and bullet) and the Bullet final will be run as tournaments. To join these you will need to be a member of the relevant club for your event. You should then login to between an hour and 30 minutes before the tournament starts, and follow the link to the tournament, which you can join by hitting the JOIN button.

More detailed joining instructions and players guide can be found  here – and the Players’ Code of Conduct referred to in the document is here – Players Code of Conduct and Points to Note

The clubs are as follows for the various events. To join the club for your event you should apply on the club joining page and you will be accepted provided that you have entered for the event and are logged in with the username you registered with. Clubs [PDF]