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Vacancies at the ECF

Legal Services to the ECF Board

For a number of years the ECF has enjoyed pro bono legal services offered by David Anderton and David’s law firm, Ansons LLP. At his retirement in October 2015, the ECF has been very fortunate to secure pro bono legal services of Melville Rodrigues and his law firm, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP.

The ECF Board and Melville recognise that the ECF Board is looking for a range of pro bono legal services i.e. services in addition to those services currently provided by Melville and CMS.

The ECF Board wishes to add to the team of law firms who can offer pro bono legal services to the ECF Board. Melville will co-ordinate with the representatives of the additional law firms so the ECF Board can benefit from relevant expertise from the team of law firms (including CMS). The ECF will permit the additional law firms to publicise that they are pro bono legal service providers to the ECF Board, and the law firms’ status will be confirmed on the ECF’s website.

If you (i.e. a practising solicitor in England) feel that you and your law firm have areas of expertise and your firm would like being added to the team of law firms who would assist on a pro bono basis the ECF Board, please email Mike Truran, ECF Chief Executive, before 29th April 2016 indicating your firm’s areas of expertise. Mike will follow up with you and introduce you to Melville.

Junior Directorate Business Manager
De facto the deputy to the Junior Director (JD), in particular responsible for financial planning and control across the Directorate

Key areas of accountability
Developing and managing financial plans & budgets, and ensuring financial control across the directorate (in particular for the newly founded Academy)
Developing funding requests to the John Robinson Trust / other sources of financial support
Drafting / reviewing policy across the directorate (in close liaison with the Junior Director)
Overseeing commercial agreements (e.g. with training providers, sponsors, etc.)
Ensuring that there is a host organiser for the annual U18 & U13 county championships
Day to day management of the rest of the junior team (including deputising for the Junior Director as needed)
Liaising with the ECF’s Finance and Commercial Directors, as appropriate.

Required skills
Financial literacy (a background in finance, strategy or business management are likely to be essential)
Team leadership
Highly organised and decisive
Able to challenge others constructively (e.g. to ensure budgets are stuck to), but sensitive to the needs and expectations of volunteer staff
Good communication skills

Please apply to – Traci Whitfield at

Head of Junior International Events
Responsible for the successful delivery and management of ECF junior team trips to international events.  This is a team leadership role; there are a number of existing volunteers in place.  The role also requires close working with the ECF’s Office Manager (who along with his/her staff will execute much of the day-to-day administrative work).

Key areas of accountability
Managing and implementing selection policy (policy is set by the Junior Director in consultation with the Board, however this post holder is expected to contribute to that policy; further the Junior Director makes final decisions on selections but primarily based on data and advice provided by the Head of Junior International Events)
Managing and directing the team of volunteers (in particular Heads of Delegation for the various trips and the Junior Selections Ratings Officer who maintains the data used to support selections)
Liaising with parents, ensuring a clear two-way flow of information
Ensuring the successful delivery of each trip.  Including but not limited to ensuring a suitable Head of Delegation and coaches are in place, invitations are issued, contracts are sent out to coaches, cost estimates are provided, teams are registered correctly and necessary fees paid, team shirts and badges are provided etc.
Resolving issues as needed, acting as a point of escalation from Heads of Delegation as required

Required skills
Team leadership
Highly organised and decisive
Sensitive to the needs and expectations of both volunteer staff and parents and their children
Strong communication skills both written and in person
Basic numeracy
Ideally, some exposure (e.g. as a parent or a player) to international junior events run under the auspices of FIDE and/or ECU
Ideally, a willingness to act as an event Head of Delegation him/herself

Please apply to – Traci Whitfield at

Manager of ICT
The person appointed will be responsible for providing advice to the Board on all ICT matters. He/she will support the office to ensure that the office ICT is maintained, and provide advice as necessary on upgrades to the office ICT infrastructure. The Manager is appointed by the Board and reports to the Commercial Director.

Editor, Chess Moves
The person appointed will be responsible for co-ordinating the production of the Federation’s bi-monthly newsletter for members. They will commission, source and edit articles for the publication from both regular and casual contributors, and incorporate within the publication such official news items as the Board shall from time to time request, together with reports on the meetings of the Federation’s Council. They will liaise with the office staff on production of the document, which is currently available as a PDF for download from the website exclusively by members of the Federation.
Reports to the Director of Membership, to whom applications for this post should be sent in the first instance.

Controller, Counties Rapidplay Championship
The holder of this post reports to the Director of Home Chess
(Alex Holowczak Email:
Please contact him for further details and to make applications

National Primary Schools Co-ordinator (South)
The holder of this post above reports to the Director of Junior Chess and Education
(Traci Whitfield Email:
Please contact her for further details and to make applications

These are all voluntary (unpaid) posts

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