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April 2014
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County Championships

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County Championships – Draw 2014
The initial stages of the County Championships are internal competitions within the five County unions; North (NCCU), South (SCCU), East (EACU), West (WECU) and the Midlands (MCCU). Each Union decides beforehand how many teams they want to nominate for each section and before the end of March they advise the controller which county they would like to fill each nomination slot. Each section is then run on a knockout format according to the pairings below.

P= preliminary Q= quarter final S= semi final with the finals being played at a central venue on the 12th of July.

The numbers below refer to the nominations. Taking the first Open Quarter final (Q1) as an example MCCU 1 (the first nomination of the MCCU) plays SCCU 2 (the second nomination of the SCCU).

Q1: Staffordshire v Kent
Q2: Lancashire v Surrey
S1: Yorkshire v Q1 winner
S2: Middlesex 1 v Q2 winner
P1: Hampshire v Greater Manchester
Q1: Cambridgeshire v Essex
Q2: Somerset v Suffolk
Q3: Sussex v Leicestershire
Q4: Nottinghamshire v P winner
S1: Q1 winner v Q2 winner
S2: Q3 winner v Q4 winner
Q1: Warwickshire v no nomination
Q2: Yorkshire v Essex
Q3: Surrey v Lancashire
S1: Devon v Q1 winner
S2: Q2 winner v Q3 winner
P1: Cambridgeshire v Kent
Q1: Hertfordshire v Greater Manchester
Q2: Middlesex v Lancashire
Q3: Yorkshire v Essex
Q4: Leicestershire v P1 winner
S1: Q1 winner v Q2 winner
S2: Q3 winner v Q4 winner
Q1: Lancashire v Middlesex
Q2: Kent v Staffordshire
Q3: Nottinghamshire v Hertfordshire
S1: Hampshire v Q1 winner
S2: Q2 winner v Q3 winner
Q1: Hertfordshire v Warwickshire
Q2: Staffordshire v Essex
Q3: Lancashire v Nottinghamshire
S1: Norfolk v Q1 winner
S2: Q2 winner v Q3 winner
Q1: Kent v Nottinghamshire
Q2: Norfolk v Surrey
S1: Lancashire v Q1 winner
S2: Warwickshire v Q2 winner

Players cleared to play
[last updated 22/4/14 - Andrew Zigmond will try to update this once per week]
Download here as a spreadsheet

Grading Ref. Name County Grade
165517G Dunne, David Nottingham 116
246346F Posazhennikov, Alex Nottingham 206
288093D Ifalore, Michael Surrey 99
288088L Wells, Dominic Surrey 76
287463F Beukes, Joshua Surrey 69
278982G Robinson, Marley Surrey 94
295353F Morgan, Clive Staffs 125
297255E Modica, Jake Kent 150
294106F Reimaa, Sven Leics 202
291159A Kalcheim, Gilad Cambs 201
295535A van der Valden, Bram Cambs 190
290840C Pickering, Charlie Norfolk 95
283491B Grounds, David Norfolk 55
294533C Lentzos, Ioanis Manchester 193
127348G Keady, Mark Staffs 132
289904J Warren, Daniel Surrey 67

Results – Final Stageclick here
Union Stage results - on page two

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