Arrangements for the Counties Championship 2019/20

In the light of the rapidly changing Covid-19 pandemic situation in the UK and resulting restrictions, the Counties Championships for 2019/20 have been suspended.  In the event that public health conditions permit, the Controller hopes to be able to reinstate the competition later in the year, maybe entailing a different format.  

To help with this process, Unions are requested to proceed with their nominations for each section, the date for which is further extended to 9th April 2020 to allow consultation with their county teams. 

Acceptance of a Union nomination by a county team will be on the basis that they are not committed to participating in the competition should it be reinstated later in the year until asked to do so by the Controller once the format of the competition and schedule has been announced.  In the meantime, the deadline for opting out of Finals Day is extended generally.

— Adrian Elwin, DIrector of Home Chess; Mark Murrell, Counties Championships Controller