Calling all disabled players

The ECF is delighted to announce that FIDE is proposing to hold the ‘1st FIDE Online Olympiad for People with Disabilities’. The competition will take place between 20th November and 3rd December 2020. The number of teams that each federation is allowed to enter depends on the number of disabled players that the federation has registered on the FIDE Commission for the Disabled website. This leaves the ECF with a problem, as the ECF has not previously collected information about the disabilities of any of its members.

We are now asking that any player who considers themselves to be disabled inform the ECF by filling in a short form for the ECF Office. The ECF can then register all the players with the FIDE Commission for the Disabled. (FIDE may ask for supporting documentation at a later date, but that is not necessary at the moment). The final deadline to register with the ECF is 13th October 2020.

Please note that FIDE publish a significant amount of information on their website including name, the player’s federation, FIDE ID, FIDE rating, the type of disability, gender and age of all registered players. By responding to this call, you will be agreeing that the ECF can pass this information to FIDE and FIDE that can make this information publicly available.