Clubs & Congress Insurance 2020/21

ECF Clubs Insurance Policy Renewal 1st October 2020 — Clubs and other chess organisations can now renew their insurance through our broker, Greens Insurance, using the application form linked below. Cover will begin when the completed form and payment is received by Greens, or 1st October if existing cover is being renewed and the information and payment is received by 14th October.

Due to the significant impact on chess organisations and activity caused by the current pandemic, a reduction of 40% of the fees across the board have been agreed with Allianz. It may be that some clubs or organisations do not need cover at present, in which case cover can begin at one of the 3 other quarterly start points. Renewals taken out now will continue to provide cover for equipment (where applicable), and club officials undertaking their duties, even if the club is not formally meeting.

I have also linked a copy of the exclusion dealing with Covid: no cover is provided for incidents which are caused by or due to any communicable disease.  This is in line with the stance taken by the vast majority of insurers, as to provide cover would be cost prohibitive.

Application | Exclusion

All applications and payments should be sent to Greens (contact details in the form)

— Gary Willson, ECF