Current coaches list [as at 4/2/19]

FIDE Trainers

The following is a list of English-registered FIDE-qualified trainers, who hold a FIDE trainers licence, as of 1st January 2019. It is the responsibility of any school or club who want to approach these individuals about chess coaching to ensure that they satisfy themselves that the person has been DBS checked, if thought appropriate for the specific needs of their school or club …

FIDE Senior Trainers
Andrew Martin; John Nunn; Jon Speelman; Peter Wells

FIDE Trainers
Malcolm Armstrong; Robert Bellin; Lorin d’Costa; Glenn Flear; Meri Grigoryan; Neil McDonald; Charles Storey; Katarzyna Toma

FIDE Instructors
Rawle Allicock; Laurence Ball; Couchman, Andrew; Lateefah Messam-Sparks

National Instructors

Development Instructors
Phillip Gardner

School Instructor
Lukas Piecha


Coaching Courses

CSC Courses

FIDE Trainer Courses

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