Development Officer – resignation

Following my appointment as Development Officer on 8th October, I have endeavoured to begin to fulfil the requirements of the role. I have, however, been severely hampered by a number of factors, including (but not limited to):

1) The complaint by Tim Wall on 16th October (emphatically rejected by the independent panel) and the fallout from it, which has effectively prohibited me from performing the role as effectively as I would have liked in the first month.

2) Potentially libellous personal attacks on me directly, on social media, and at least one personal email which I regard as harassment.

3) The appointment of Tim Wall as ‘Women’s Recruitment Officer’ by the Director of Women’s Chess, which has substantially compromised my ability to do anything in the field of women’s chess.

It has become clear that it will be impossible for me to work with certain people in the ECF, so I will not be able to carry out the Development Officer role in a satisfactory way for me or the ECF. I have no wish to waste the ECF’s money.

Therefore, please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from the post of Development Officer with immediate effect, with both parties to the contract waiving the 3-month notice period contained in it.

Yours sincerely, Carl Portman