ECF Academy Statement

Following recent speculation in various quarters the ECF wishes to make the following comments:

1. As regards the bid process to run the ECF Academy after 2019, the ECF’s Chairman of Governance Robert Stern has confirmed that he has reviewed the bid process and is satisfied that it was run in a correct and impartial manner that was fully in compliance with Regulation No. 1 (“The Bids Regulations”);

2. Director of Junior Chess and Education Alex Holowczak as the “responsible director” was a member of the Adjudications Panel, as is required by Regulation No. 1. However, because of potential conflicts of interest he recused himself from the decision as to who the successful bidder would be;

3. The members of the Adjudication Panel were selected by Finance Director David Eustace, again as is required by Regulation No. 1;

4. Regulation No. 1 forbids the disclosure of reasons for accepting/rejecting bids, and also requires that details of individual bids remain confidential to the ECF;

5. With regard to the arrangements for the remaining two ECF Academy weekends in 2019 which are to be run by UK Chess Challenge on behalf of the ECF, Andrew Martin has very kindly agreed to remain as ECF Academy Head Coach. Andrew has also agreed that the selection of Academy coaches will be handled by Alex and Sarah Longson of UK Chess Challenge. Our sincere thanks go to Andrew for his ongoing help and support.  

— Mike Truran, Chief Executive, ECF