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Charges for FIDE-rated events as of 01/03/2011 will be as follows …

All-play-all events
Average rating          Charge
Under 2301              £70
2301-2400               £100
2401-2500               £150
2501-2600               £200
Over 2600               £300

Matches – as per All-Play-All events above
Scheveningen events – £2 per player (waived for ECF Gold and Platinum members)
Swiss events – £1.50 per player (waived for ECF Gold and Platinum members)

Note that it is an ECF requirement that all English-registered players in FIDE-rated standardplay events must be ECF members at either Gold or Platinum level. If English players participate who are not Gold or Platinum, they will be de-registered from the FIDE rating list.
Please note that the ECF is unable to accept results for grading from individual players. Results should be sent from the League or Congress Organiser

Registering Events with FIDE (and the ECF)
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Further information
From June 2010 all players competing in ECF graded events may have their details (Grading Reference Number, Name, Club(s), Grade(s), Grading Category) published on the ECF website and in the printed Grading List.

A suggested statement to add to your Congress entry forms –
‘Grading Information – It is a condition of entry that players agree to their grading information being published on the ECF website’

FIDE title, transfer and re-activation fees (as at July 1st 2012)

Title Applications
(Woman) Grandmaster: £355
(Woman) International Master: £190
(Woman) FIDE Master: £95
(Woman) Candidate Master: £75
International Arbiter: £125 plus the Arbiters’ Licence Fee of £144 (Category C) or £90 (Category D)
FIDE Arbiter: £75 plus the Arbiters’ Licence Fee of £72
International Organizer: £125
FIDE Instructor: £125
FIDE Trainer: £225
FIDE Senior Trainer: £325
National Instructor £75
Developmental Instructor £75

Federation Transfers to ENG £275 plus FIDE transfer fee plus FIDE compensation fee (which are charged in € and will be recharged at the prevailing exchange rate plus VAT plus a £25 handling charge).

Re-activating FIDE rating after de-activation £25