Northumberland Weekend Congress – a superb effort in moving chess from Zoom to Room

The Northumberland Weekend Congress was preparing for its fifty-sixth consecutive event when the governmental Covid-19 guidelines in late September left the organisers no option but to cancel. However, tournament organiser Mick Riding and the Northumberland Chess Association Executive have put together a comprehensive framework for OTB chess during the pandemic which the ECF, with Mick’s kind permission, is delighted to share with organisers, clubs and leagues.

Representing an enormous amount of research and work, the four attached documents provide a ‘Do and Don’t’ template, an Anti-Covid Measures and Congress Impacts document, a detailed Risk Assessment, and subsequent feedback from North Tyneside Council. 

Dos and Dont’s | Anti-Covid Measures | Risk Assessment | Feedback NTC document

The ECF is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for OTB chess and this work by Mick and the Northumberland Chess Association Executive will be of great value. We want to get back to OTB but as an indoor activity, chess is particularly vulnerable to the pandemic. The Northumberland Weekend Congress work will be essential reading for organisers when we start thinking of the move from Zoom to Room.

Mick is happy to help organisers, clubs and leagues and can be contacted at

Image courtesy of the Boston Globe