Women’s Chess Month at Hammersmith Chess Club

I am delighted that Women’s Chess Month starts today at Hammersmith Chess Club. It is (at least to my knowledge) the first ever such month-long series of activities specifically designed for women that an English chess club has ever put on. I am delighted to see this great new initiative, and that we have been able to support it directly from the ECF and the Director of Women’s Chess Budgets.

The club has a series of excellent events planned during the month including a one-day tournament, a series of chess lectures and special offers on membership for new women players who join the club during the month. Please visit the club website for more information — http://hammerchess.co.uk/

I would like to thank John White and all the members of Hammersmith Chess Club who are responsible for this ground-breaking event. This is the sort of activity that all chess clubs in England should be looking to emulate.

— Chris Fegan, ECF Director of Women’s Chess