Council Papers

ECF Council AGM – October 16th 2010
Latest – AGM vote for Non Executive Director
– Unfortunately the auditors have not been able to complete the audit of the ECF annual report and accounts in time to present the final version to Council.  There are a number of queries outstanding.  Most of these queries relate to documentation that we need to provide to the auditors before they can finalise their opinion.  Only one of the outstanding queries might have an impact on the end of year surplus.  It is not clear whether this query will increase or decrease the surplus, but the overall impact is likely to be less than £300.  Therefore, the financial position shown in the draft accounts can be taken as representative of the state of the ECF’s finances as at 30th April 2010.  The audited accounts will be posted on the ECF website as soon as the audit is complete.
The Board apologies to Council for the failure to provide audited accounts for the AGM and is asking Council to approve the accounts subject audit
C13 Agenda
C13.3 ECF Voting Register

C13.5 Applications for Membership

C13.6 Minutes of April 2010 Finance Council Meeting

C13.8.2 Chief Executive’s Report

C13.8.3 Chairman’s Report

C13.8.4.1 Finance Director’s Report
| C13.8.4.1 Annex
C13.8.4.2 ECF 2009-10 Accounts

C13.8.5 Achievement Report 2010

C13.8.6.1 Report from the Director of Home Chess

C13.8.6.1a Grading Report
C13.8.6.2 Report from the Director of Junior Chess
C13.8.6.3 International Director’s Report
C13.8.6.4 Marketing Director’s Report
C13.8.6.5 Non-Executive Directors Report
C13.8.7.2 Governance Chairman’s Report
C13.8.7.3 Report of the ECF CCPR Representative
C13.10 – Changes to Regulation No. 2
C13.11.2 CEO Election Address – Andrew Farthing
C13.12 Office Review and Funding Options
C13.13 Proposal to FIDE-rate the Open section of the Counties Championship
C13.14 – Proposal for more frequent grading lists – AR/DHC
C13.15 – Long Term Strategic Plan
C13.16 ECF Awards Report – John Wickham
C13.17 HLM Cynthia and Robert Gurney
C13.18 Amendments to Articles
C13.19 – Amendments to the Byelaws

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BCF Council AGM – October 16th 2010
C10 Agenda
C10.3 BCF Voting Register
C10.6 BCF Annual Report

C10.4.1 BCF AGM Minutes 17 October 2009

C10.4.2 BCF EGM Minutes Apr 10, 2010
C10.7.1 BCF Accounts 2009
Please note – these accounts in amended form were reloaded 12/10/10 – please download them again if your copies are older
C10.7.2 BCF Accounts 2010

Please note – these accounts in amended form were reloaded 12/10/10 – please download them again if your copies are older
C10.7.3 Chess Centre Accounts
C10.7.4 BCF Youth Chess Trust Accounts
| BCF Youth Trust Report
C10.7.5 John Robinson Trust Annual Accounts
| John Robinson Trust Report
C10.8.1/8.2 BCF Amendments to the Constitution

C10.8.3 BCF Audit Arrangements for the BCF Accounts

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English Chess Federation Finance Council – April 17th 2010
C12 ECF Agenda (amended 6.4.10)
Please note – verbal report only for election of Gerry Walsh to HLVP (C12.5)
Corrected item on membership item to align with the Voting Form (C12.11)
C12.2.3 Voting RegisterC12.3 Minutes of the ECF AGM October 2009
Please note the following amendments (12/4/10) –
1 The Chairman and Minutes Secretary for the meeting have been identified at end of section
2 At the end of 10.7.1, the words “re-elected unopposed” have been inserted
C12.6 Report by the ECF President
C12.7 Chief Executives Report
C12.7.1 Chess for Schools Report
C12.8 Report by the Finance Committee Chairman
C12.9.1 Business Plan Part I
C12.9.2 Business Plan Part II
C12.10.1 Budget Report
C12.10.2 Budget 2010-2011
C12.16 Changes to Articles for Post of Chairman
C12.17 Proposal to Change Grading Procedures