Council Papers

ECF Annual General Meeting October 2014
This year’s Annual General Meeting takes place at the Malmaison Hotel, Birmingham on 11th October starting at 1.30 p.m.

C21 – Agenda
C21.3 – Voting Register (version  as at 10 October 2014)
C21.5 – April 2014 Finance Council minutes
C21.6.1 – Terms of Reference for the Independent Constitutional and Governance Review Committee
C21.6.2 – Relations with FIDE
C21.7.1 – Chief Executive’s report
C21.7.2 – Director of Finance’s report
C21.7.3.1 – Director of Home Chess’s report
C21.7.3.2 – Director of Junior Chess & Education’s report
C21.7.3.3 – Director of International Chess’s report
C21.7.3.4 – Director of Membership’s report
C21.7.3.5 – Commercial Director’s report
C21. – Non-Executive Director’s report (Julian Clissold)
C21. – Non-Executive Director’s report (Angus French)
C21. – Non-Executive Director’s report (Sean Hewitt) (awaited)
C21.7.4.1 – FIDE Delegate’s report
C21.7.4.2 – Chairman of the Governance Committee’s report
C21.7.4.3 – Chairman of the Finance Committee’s report
C21.7.4.4 – Sport & Recreation Alliance Representatives report
C21.9 – Changes to Regulation No. 2
C21.10.1 – Dominic Lawson election address
C21.10.2 – Phil Ehr election address
C21.10.3 – David Eustace election address
C21.10.4 – Laurence Ball election address
C21.10.4 – Julian Clissold election address
C21.10.4 – John Foley election address
C21.10.5.1 – Alex Holowczak election address
C21.10.5.2 – David Levens election address
C21.10.5.2 – Traci Whitfield election address
C21.10.5.3 – David Openshaw election address
C21.10.5.5 – Bob Kane election address
C21.10.6.1 – Malcolm Pein election address
C21.10.6.1 – Stewart Reuben election address
C21.10.7.4 – David Robertson election address
C21.11 – Awards for 2014
C21.11 Addendum – BCET Awards
C21.12.1 – Codes of conduct
C21.12.2 – Complaints procedure
C21.13 – Proposal on adjudications
C21.14 – Game Fee discussion paper

BCF Annual Council Meeting October 2014

C19 – Agenda
C19.3 – Voting register (as at 8 October 2014)
C19.4 – Minutes of April EGM
C19.6 – Annual report of the Management Board

ECF Finance Council Meeting April 2014
This year’s Finance Council Meeting takes place at the Euston Square Hotel, London – map and directions here – on the 12th April starting at 1.30 p.m.
C20 – April 2014 Finance Council Agenda
C20.2.1 – Julian Clissold apologies
C20.2.4 – Voting Register (this is being updated as membership applications, proxies and changes in representatives are notified)
C20.3 – October 2013 AGM Council Minutes
C20.5 – ECF Accounts 2012-13

C20.5 – Detailed Management Accounts
C20.5 – Accounts Commentary
C20.6 – Report of the Chairman of the Finance Committee
C20.7 – Finance Report
C20.7 – Detailed Forecast and Budget
C20.8 – Olympiad Funding
C20.9 – ECF Strategy
C20.12 – Proposal by Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club
C20.15 – Charity paper (this also relates to BCF 18.6)
C20.16 – Transformation White Paper
C20.17 – ECU General Assembly
C20.19 – Amendments to Regulation No.3
C20.20 – Report of the Director of Membership
C20.20 – Membership Analysis March 2014

BCF EGM April 2014
BCF C18 – April 2014 Agenda
BCF C18.2 – Voting Register
BCF C18.3 – October 2013 AGM minutes
BCF C18.5 – Accounts
BCF C18.5.1 – BCF 2011 Accounts
BCF C18.5.2 – BCF 2012 Accounts
BCF C18.5.3 – BCF 2013 Accounts
BCF C18.5.4 – Chess Centre Ltd 2013 accounts
BCF C18.5.5 – John Robinson Trust 2013 accounts
BCF C18.6 – Charity paper (this also relates to ECF 20.15)

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