Council Papers

ECF AGM October 2011
For a Google map of the AGM location (the Euston Square Hotel)
C15 – Agenda

C15.3 – Voting Register

C15.5 – Minutes of Finance Council Meeting April 2011
C15.7.1 – President’s Report
C15.7.2 – Chief Executive’s Report
C15.7.4.1 – Finance Director’s Report
C15.7.4.2 – ECF Accounts
C15.7.5 – Achievement Report 2011
C15.7.6.1 – Home Chess Report
C15.7.6.2 – Junior Chess Report
C15.7.6.3 – International Report
C15.7.6.4 – Marketing Report
C15.7.6.5 – Non-Executive Directors report
C15.7.7.1 – FIDE Delegate’s Report
C15.7.7.2 – Governance Chairman’s report
C15.7.7.3 – SRA Representative’s Report
C15.9 – Changes to Regulation No. 2
C15.10 – Candidates for election at the 2011 AGM
C15.10.6.2 – Junior Director Statements – Sabrina Chevannes | Phil Ehr
C15.10.6.4 – ECF Marketing Director Statement – Tim Woolgar
C15.11 – ECF Awards 2011 | President’s Awards | Club of the Year
C15.12 – Strategic Plan 2011
C15.13.1 – ECF Funding Proposals [DOC | PDF] (change to Page 4 made 22/09/11)
C15.13 – Supplementary Paper (Q&A)
C15.13.3A – Bye-Law No. 1
C15.13.3B Bye-Law No. 2
C15.13.4 – Rates Proposals

BCF AGM October 15th 2011
C12 – Agenda
C12.2 – Voting Register
C12.3.1 – AGM Oct 2010 minutes
C12.3.2 – EGM April 2011 minutes
C12.6.4 – John Robinson Trust Accounts

English Chess Federation Finance Council – April 16th 2011
C14 Agenda
C14.2 – Voting Register
(amended 5/4/11)
C14.3 – AGM Minutes Oct 2010

C14.5 – 2011-12 Business Plan

C14.6 – Budget Report 2011-2012
C14.10 – Detailed 2011-12 budget(multi-page document, Excel)
C14.11 – The Funding of the English Chess Federation

C14.12 – Proposed change to the Articles

C14.13 – Proposed changes to the County Championship Rules

C14.14 – Governance Issues

The 2011-12 Business Plan is complemented by the Supplement to the Business Plan, which is updated from time to time. The latest version of the Supplement may be found here

There is a supplementary paper on Game Fee available here. This is not an official paper for the purposes of Finance Council, but it may be of interest by way of background to the Funding Proposals

This year’s Finance Council Meeting takes place in the IBIS Hotel, 21 Ladywell Walk, Birmingham, West Midlands B5 4ST | Tel: 0121 622 6010

Tight for time? Download the Council papers as a zip file here

BCF Extraordinary Council Meeting – April 16th 2011
C11 – Agenda
C11.2 – Voting Register