UK Open Blitz Championship 2019

The UK Blitz 2019 will be staged as a series of qualifiers over two weekends in September followed by an all play all final in November. The Finals and Qualifiers combined will have a total prize fund in excess of £7,000 in cash. The prize fund will be supplemented by 100 DecodeChess memberships for the remainder of the 2019 calendar year which will be awarded in addition to the cash prizes. This will be an Open Championship and there is no geographic or citizenship restriction on entry.

There will be eight 15-round qualifying Swiss tournaments played over the weekends of 7th and 14th September as below. Eligible players will be able to enter one qualifying tournament of their choice.

7th September
Birmingham – Quinborne Community Centre, Ridgacre Road, Quinton, Birmingham B32 2TW
Newcastle – The Royal Grammar School, Eskdale Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4DX
Cardiff – The Cardiff North Hotel by AccorHotels, Circle Way East, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff CF23 9XF
Edinburgh – Broughton High School, 29 East Fettes Avenue, Edinburgh EH4 1EG
Belfast – Ormeau Bowling Club, Ormeau Park, Park Road,Belfast BT7 4NA

8th September
Bristol – Bristol Grammar School, University Road, Bristol BS8 1SR

14th September
London – The Rugby Portobello, 221 Walmer Road, London W11 4EY
Manchester – Ukrainian Social Club, 99 Castle Street, Bolton BL2 1JP


Each qualifier will be a 15-round FIDE-rated Swiss tournament, with the following schedule —

Round Time Round Time Round Time
Round 1 11.00 Round 6 13.30 Round 11 16.00
Round 2 11.25 Round 7 13.55 Round 12 16.25
Round 3 11.50 Round 8 14.20 Round 13 16.50
Round 4 12.15 Round 9 14.45 Round 14 17.15
Round 5 12.40 Round 10 15.10 Round 15 17.40


Qualifying Places
In the event of a tie, the tie-breaks will be as follows —

1. Direct Encounter (if possible)
2. Median-Buchholz 2
3. Median-Buchholz
4. Buchholz
5. Tournament Performance Rating
6. Drawing of lots

The top 2 players in each qualifier will qualify for the Final. The two highest-placed female players will qualify for the Women’s Final. If a female player finishes in the top 2 places, then she may choose whether to play in the Open Final or the Women’s Final. If she decides to play in the Open Final, the two regional qualifying places for the Women’s final from that event will go to the next highest placed women in the same qualifier. If there are not sufficient women in the qualifier to offer these places to, the spare place or places will be distributed to the highest non-qualifying women across the other qualifiers. If fewer than 2 women enter a qualifying event, then the highest-scoring female player(s) in any of the eight qualifiers who did not qualify will be invited to play in the Women’s Final. In the event of this being tied, then the player with the highest Tournament Performance Rating on that score will qualify. Players who do not participate in a qualifier will not be invited to play in the Final. If fewer than 24 players enter a qualifying tournament, the ECF reserves the right to choose an alternative format for the tournament, and some of the above rules may be overridden as a result. If this happens, this will be communicated to all entrants to that particular qualifier.

Categories and Category Prizes
Each qualifying tournament will be played as one Swiss system tournament. In addition to this, the players will be allocated a category of 16 players or part thereof based on their initial seeding. For example, if there are 48 entries to a qualifying tournament, then there will be three categories of 16, with players 1 to 16 in Category A, 17 to 32 in Category B and 33 to 48 in Category C. Where the number of entries is not a multiple of 16, the categories will have fewer than 16 players, and the higher categories will be larger. For example, if there were 50 entries to a qualifying tournament, then there will be four categories, and Category A and B will have 13 players, and Category C and D will have 12 players. The Organiser may vary from the above rules on categories only to prevent players of the same rating being assigned to different categories. At each qualifier, a list of players in each category shall be published as soon as practicable, but in all cases not later than the start of Round 6.

A category prize of £50 will be awarded to the highest-scoring player in each category. In the event of a tie, the lower-rated player will win the prize. If more than one player has the same rating, then the prize money will be shared.

Each category prize winner will also be awarded a DecodeChess membership for the remainder of 2019, worth £25 per membership. Any remaining memberships from the total pool of 100 provided by DecodeChess will be distributed across the qualifying events, and awarded to the highest performing player(s) not winning a category prize, based on tournament rating minus current rapidplay rating.

DecodeChess is an AI chess analysis software that auto-explains chess moves in rich, intuitive language; further details can be found here –

If a qualifier fails to confirm their place in a Final by a deadline specified by the Organiser, then that player will lose their qualifying place, and the next player in the ranking of that qualifier will be invited to replace them.

A player’s initial seeding will be determined in the following order:

1. FIDE Blitz Rating (September 2019)
2. FIDE Rapidplay Rating (September 2019)
3. FIDE Rating (September 2019)
4. Other Rating Assigned by the Organiser. This will normally be a player’s national rating. The rating assigned with this process will also be used to calculate a player’s Tournament Performance Rating as per the tie-breaks above.

Time Control
The time limit will be all moves in 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move.


Qualifying Places
The top two players in each qualifier will qualify for the Final on 16th November 2019, to be played at St John’s Hotel, Solihull. The top two female players in each qualifier will qualify for a Women’s Final, held concurrently.

Time Control
The time limit will be all moves in 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move. The Finals will be a 16-player FIDE-rated Round Robin tournament, with the following schedule —

Round Time Round Time Round Time
Round 1 12.00 Round 6 14.15 Round 11 16.30
Round 2 12.20 Round 7 14.35 Round 12 16.50
Round 3 12.40 Round 8 14.55 Round 13 17.10
Round 4 13.00 Round 9 15.15 Round 14 17.30
Round 5 13.20 Round 10 15.35 Round 15 17.50

The pairings for the Finals will be drawn randomly in advance of the tournament.

In the event of a tie, the tie-breaks will be as follows —
1. Direct Encounter
2. Sonnenborn-Berger
3. Koya System
4. Tournament Performance Rating, calculated using the players’ ratings in the following order –

1. FIDE Blitz Rating (November 2019)
2. FIDE Rapidplay Rating (November 2019)
3. FIDE Rating (November 2019)
4. Other Rating Assigned by the Organiser. This will normally be a player’s national rating.
5. The tie will remain unbroken, and any prize money for the tied positions will be shared

The prize money for the Final will be as follows —

Position Open Final Women’s Final
1st £1,000 £500
2nd £600 £300
3rd £400 £200
4th £300 £150
5th – 8th £200 £100
9th – 16th £100 £50
Total £3,900 £1,950

Explanation of Tie-Breaks Used
Please see the explanation of the tie-breaks as described in the FIDE Handbook here —
With regard to Buchholz tie-breaks, players may wish to also read Section F in the above link, regarding the handling of Unplayed Games.

Entrants to date (as at 20/8/19) – 108

Qualifier Forename Surname Title
Birmingham 7th September Ian Emery   Warley Quinborne 426644
Birmingham 7th September Cameron Westwood   Aberystwyth 454931
Birmingham 7th September Kelan Westwood   Checkmates  
Birmingham 7th September Colin Vernon   Worcester City  434418
Birmingham 7th September Hugh Murphy   Rushden 422444
Birmingham 7th September Manvith Sandhu   Halesowen 458872
Birmingham 7th September Katarzyna Toma WGM Wood Green 1119907
Birmingham 7th September Daniel Pousada Garcia   Spain 2278642
Birmingham 7th September Jacob Boswell   Cheddleton & Leek 427110
Birmingham 7th September James Coward     457450
Birmingham 7th September Sarah Longson WFM Stockport  
Birmingham 7th September Patrick Costello     1803115
Birmingham 7th September Sophie Mehta   Leicester  
Birmingham 7th September Hatle Mehta      
Birmingham 7th September Eliot  Green   Newcastle-under-Lyme School  
Birmingham 7th September John Pitcher   South Birmingham 411485
Birmingham 7th September Steve Edwards   Sutton Coldfield  
Birmingham 7th September Amit Sinha   Leicester  
Birmingham 7th September Aarav Sinha   Leicester 474452
Birmingham 7th September Conrad Green     420379
Bristol 8th September Brian Dinter   Stroud 14527570
Bristol 8th September Venkataraman  Tiruchirapalli   Watford  
Bristol 8th September Joe Hirst   Newcastle-under-Lyme 458791
Bristol 8th September James Cobb IM Clifton 1800949
Bristol 8th September Raimund Klein     4689046
Bristol 8th September Keith Arkell GM Cheddleton 400270
Bristol 8th September Stephen Meek   Downend 411035
Bristol 8th September Oliver Stubbs   Downend & Fishponds 441325
Bristol 8th September Paul Hampton   Seaton 2408376
Bristol 8th September Abinash Ravithas      
Bristol 8th September Ashwin Ravithas      
Bristol 8th September Graham Iwi   North Bristol  
Bristol 8th September George Miller   Keynsham 343114090
Bristol 8th September Marc-Antoine Campana     657042
Bristol 8th September Paul Spiller   Clevedon  
Cardiff 7th September Neil Stevenson   Chepstow 1804235
Cardiff 7th September Owen Phillips   Streatham 417882
Cardiff 7th September Fadi Masarweh   St. Teilos 8112541
Cardiff 7th September Robert Taylor   Malpas (Gwent) 1800841
Cardiff 7th September Marcus Harvey FM Witney / Wood Green 400092
Cardiff 7th September William Hewitt   White Knights 1800280
Edinburgh 7th September Douglas Will   Grangemouth 2401070
Edinburgh 7th September James Necic      
Edinburgh 7th September Nicolas Skettos   Phones 5900670
Edinburgh 7th September William Bennett   Bank of Scotland 2400880
Edinburgh 7th September Jack Egan   South Morningside 2409135
Edinburgh 7th September Graeme Nolan   Stepps 2401320
Edinburgh 7th September Ritvars Reimanis FM Celtic Tigers 11602988
Edinburgh 7th September Stephen McQuillan   Hamilton  
Edinburgh 7th September George Neave   Edinburgh West 2401630
Edinburgh 7th September Albert Budó   Peón Negro 54561825
Edinburgh 7th September Adrià Borràs   Bank of Scotland  
Edinburgh 7th September Suzy Cooke WFM Badgers Brook 414930
Edinburgh 7th September Andrew Greet IM Bearsden  
Edinburgh 7th September Willie Rutherford   Edinburgh 2401045
London 14th September Alexander Funk   Hendon 473375
London 14th September John Ryan   Kings Head 2503972
London 14th September Siddharth Gopakumar     5053463
London 14th September Usha Back     405817
London 14th September Ivan Gluckman     14334020
London 14th September Adam Jorna     457701
London 14th September Iozeph Okosieme   Albany 406317
London 14th September Joseph Whelan   Wey Valley 465887
London 14th September Eoin Moore     464279
London 14th September Ian Capes   Hertford   
London 14th September Nicholas Clanchy   Cambridge University 417955
London 14th September Jamie Black   Brentwood  
London 14th September Viktor Stoyanov   Battersea 450308
London 14th September Rafe Martyn FM   409626
London 14th September Kamila Kolpashnikova      
London 14th September Andrew Morgan   Cabinet Office  
London 14th September David Lambert   Hammersmith 456829
London 14th September Charles Tippleston CM MK Phoenix 407968
London 14th September Richard  Brassey       
London 14th September John Sharp   Hemel Hempstead 411957
London 14th September Chris Levy   Hackney 431320
London 14th September Peter Roberson IM Sharks 4NCL 412384
London 14th September Shahjahon Saidmurodov     448150
London 14th September Quentin Wang   China  
London 14th September James Cole   Cambridge Uni 431818
London 14th September Laurie Mackellar   Kings Head 485888
London 14th September Andrey Dokuchaev     24101575
London 14th September Luis Sanchez   Mushrooms 24581160
Manchester 14th September Mahima Raghavendra     437140
Manchester 14th September James Harrison   University of Warwick 465968
Manchester 14th September Patrick McGhee     2407760
Manchester 14th September Stephen Tranter   East Cheshire 426113
Manchester 14th September Akin Soyoye   Heywood 484539
Manchester 14th September Colm Buckley   Chester 2505916
Manchester 14th September Allan Beardsworth   Stockport 432903
Manchester 14th September Martyn Hamer   Gt Harwood 413160
Manchester 14th September Andy Reeve   Stockport 437255
Manchester 14th September Shambavi Hariharan   Derby  
Manchester 14th September Phil  Olbison     425486
Manchester 14th September Benjamin Newton   3Cs  
Manchester 14th September Philip Crocker   Chester 403180
Manchester 14th September Noel Stewart   York RI  
Manchester 14th September Kevin Ye   3Cs 434957
Newcastle 7th September Tomer Eden     2808439
Newcastle 7th September Matthew George      
Newcastle 7th September Lorin D’Costa   4NCL Barbican 409219
Newcastle 7th September Donny  Muter      409170
Newcastle 7th September Paul Bielby   South Shields 429864
Newcastle 7th September David Sharp      
Newcastle 7th September Michael Allen   South Shields 471453
Newcastle 7th September Edward Dodds   Jesmond 428140
Newcastle 7th September Rayelynn Posadas   The Buffs 473553
Newcastle 7th September John Garnett   The Buffs 410829


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