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Please will all forum users note – the ECF Forum has moved to —

in a more stable location. Please update your bookmarks, as the old version will be frozen shortly and not allow any more posting. Please also note – the changeover was done as quickly as humanly possible but if your post went astray, please repost …

Please also note – should you encounter any security warnings, you may proceed safely past them. The WM is currently in contact with the new hosts to smooth this procedure out …

Draft Finance Council minutes

The draft minutes of the April 2015 Finance Council meeting have been published, and can be accessed from the Minutes page or directly from here.

Any comments on the draft should be submitted to the ECF Office.

Grand Prix Leader Boards – 29th May 2015

Follow the links above [Competitions > Grand Prix] or click here

RIP George Clarke

Renowned Scots chess correspondent George Clarke has passed away. A full obituary can be found in the Guardian newspaper here

ECF Player of the Year

We are trying a new system. The following players have been selected for your consideration and the highlights of their 12 months play shown. You may vote for one player from the attached list – this is a similar system to the Oscars or to several sporting awards – and you can find the voting form here (please include your ECF membership number). Closing date is 15th June 2015.

James Adair – 238A/2443 – 11 round GM Norm 4NCL; TPR 2662
Michael Adams – 267B/2753 – Silver medal in the 2014 Olympiad 6½/9 unbeaten; TPR 2830
Keith Arkell – 234A/2497 – 6/8 Board 1 England in the World 50+ Team 2014; 1=World 50+ Championship 2014, Silver on tiebreak; 3½/6 4NCL; Bronze European 50+ 2015
David Eggleston – 230A/2429 – GM norm Trieste; 6½/11 4NCL
Jonathan Hawkins – 251A/2550 – British co-Champion; Final GM norm Isle of Man 2014; 8/11 4NCL unbeaten
David Howell – 267A/2670 – British co-Champion; 2nd Tradewise Gibraltar; 1= Dubai 2015; 7½/9 4NCL unbeaten
Gawain Jones – 257B/2643 – Brambles match 4-2 v Romain Edouard; PR 2784; 7½/9 4NCL unbeaten
Luke McShane – 251E/2685 – Bundesliga 7/9
Alan Merry – 226A/2342 – GM norm (last IM norm) Isle of Man; TPR 2630
John Nunn – 2601 – Bronze 50+ World Championship 2014; Gold Board 2 World 50+ Team 2015; Silver European 50+ 2015
Matthew Sadler – 281D/2658 – Olympiad 7/10; 5/6 4NCL
Isaac Sanders – 223C/2316 – 5½/11 4NCL; IM norm
Nigel Short – 273B/2675 – Winner IOM; Gold Board 1 World 50+ Team 2015; Winner Pattaya Open 2015; 4/4 4NCL; Winner Zaw Win Lay Memorial in Myanmar in 2014
Matthew Webb – 235A/2208 – From 2069 5/2014 to 2208 5/2015; From 224/2014 to 235/2015; 3/5 4NCL; Winner Blackpool, Scarborough.

Your  nominations and citations are also sought for the following awards —
Congress of the Year; Club of the Year; Small Club of the Year; Magazine of the Year; Website of the Year; President’s Award for Services to Chess (normally, roughly three awards are made each year)
The Awards Committee then decides which organisation or individuals should receive each award based on your expressed opinions. Submissions must be made by 15th June 2015 to Stewart Reuben, Manager of the Awards System –
Citations for the various awards should be no longer than about 100 words.

Please note – the ECF Book of the Year Award is made by a separate Committee.