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September 2014
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Nominations for the elections – update

Nominations for the elections to be held at the AGM on 11 October 2014 have begun to be received by the Company Secretary.  This post has been prepared to list the candidates nominated to date for each post, and will be updated until the deadline of 1.30 p.m. on Wednesday 3 September (which is also the deadline for motions to be included on the agenda) as new nominations are received.


No nominations to date.

The Board is considering potential Presidential candidates for the Board to nominate.  This does not preclude requisitionists from making nominations for President in the normal way.

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Book of the Year 2014 – shortlist

This year the choice is between three books which reflect different aspects of historic giants of the game, offset by a vibrant collection of attacking games by a master of the genre.

Aron Nimzowitsch 1928 – 1935 Annotated Games and Essays
Rudolf Reinhardt (Ed) New in Chess £29.95
Nimzowitsch is remembered not only as a great player but the author of two of the most influential chess books ever written “My System” and “Chess Praxis” (see Petrosian below). Reinhardt collected over many years all the games, annotations and articles played or written by Nimzowitsch during the last seven years of his life that he could find. The blurb describes the contents well “The unauthorized sequel to My System and Chess Praxis” A historically valuable book, which also contains much stimulating and opinionated writing that is worth reading today.

Mikhail Botvinnik The Life and Games of a World Chess Champion
Andrew Soltis McFarland £29.99
The “Father of Russian Chess” was a man of many contradictions who lived (and survived) through the turbulent history of Russia in the last century as well as the poisonous politics of the Stalin decades. How he did this and became world champion is the subject of Soltis’s book rather than deep analysis of Botvinnik’s games. Soltis who speaks Russian has undertaken much research to try to understand the background and has written a fascinating biography of one of the greatest chess players of all time.

Petrosian Move by Move
Thomas Engqvist Everyman Chess £19.99
According to Kasparov, Petrosian had a very distinctive style, the key to which even the greatest players could not locate. Engqvist has made a determined effort to find it in this excellent selection of 60 best games of a much underrated world champion. Detailed annotations provide clues, but one of the answers might be that the first chess book Petrosian read was Nimzowitsch’s Chess Praxis.

Sacrifice and the Initiative in Chess
Ivan Sokolov New in Chess £21.95
The author states in the preface “that this is a book I have wanted to write for a long time”. He spent a long time selecting and refining his material to reflect his true subject, the intuitive sacrifice. Sokolov writes fluently and as an attacking GM himself he understands both the technical and human aspects of playing this way. A delightful book that both instructs and entertains at the same time.

- Ray Edwards Julian Farrand – 1 September 2014

5th Jorvik Chess Congess

The 5th Jorvik Chess Congess was held at the Holiday Inn Tadcaster Road York from 26th to 28th August. It was a 6 round Swiss in 2 sections with 90 minutes each on the clock.
Results are as follows -

Section A
1st John Gallagher, Leeds 5/6 – 4 wins 2 draws
2nd= Miles Edwards-Wright, Sheffield and Alexander Combie, Newark 4.5/6
4th Brian Coop, Harrogate 4/6
5th= Mike Hankinson, Sheffield; M J Cawston, York; Alastair Summers, Peterborough 3.5/6
8th= Stephen Pride, Cambridge; T Noel Stewart, York; Shaun Taylor, Hull; Alec Grice, Beverley 3/6
12th= Eric Key, York; Steve Potter, St Helens; Kevin Winter, Bingley; Neville Pearce, York 2.5/6
16th= Richard Desmedt, Wombwell; Adam Ismail, York and Derek Sheppard, Hull 2/6
19th Norman Andrews, York 1.5/6

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1st Bristol Summer Congress

The 1st Bristol Summer Congress was held August 22nd – 24th at our new venue at Bristol Grammar School. There were 73 competitors in 3 sections – though space would have been comfortable for 120.

The winners were -
Open – Steve Dilleigh, despite being outgraded by 30-35 points by the top 2 seeds.
Major – Alan Papier – there was no cry of foul play that the organizer actually won his section.
Minor – Nikhil Hakeem – 9-year-old Nikhil also won the Minor at Kidlington in February, and is one to watch for the future! – for a full report and crosstables

- from Alan Papier

Thanet Congress winners 2014

- from Clive le Baigue

Jim Bayford (right), 2014-15 Kent Champion and Bob Page (left) 2014-15 Kent Intemediate Champion

Jim Bayford (right), 2014-15 Kent Champion and Bob Page (left), 2014-15 Kent Intermediate Champion

1st equal Alan Merry 214 Bury St. Edmonds 4
Gordon Scott 188 Norfolk & Norwich 4
3rd equal Andrew Smith 193 Bourne End 3.5
Philip Bonafont 185 Hemel Hempstead 3.5
Jim Bayford 188 Folkestone 3.5 Kent Open Champion
Grading U180 Rhys Bennett 161 Newport 3

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