ECF Documents

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Privacy Policy | Refunds and Returns | Safeguarding Children Policy
Anti-Bullying PolicyNotes on the Treatment of Disabled Players
100 Year History of the British Chess Federation [Poole/Reuben]
Advice on Simultaneous Displays | Round Robin pairings method
ECF Competition Rules

ECF Memorandum & Articles (as amended October 2016)
Bye Law No. 1 The Direct Members Bye Laws
Bye Law No. 2 The Game Fee Bye Laws
Bye Law No. 3 The Procedural Bye Laws (as amended April 2016)
Bye Law No. 4 The Financial Bye Laws (as amended April 2016)
Regulation No. 1 The Bids Regulations
Regulation No. 2 The Directors and Officers Responsibilities Regulations
Regulation No. 3 The Arbiters and Coaches Regulations (as amended March 2014)
Regulation No. 4 Standards of Conduct for ECF Officials
Regulation No. 5 ECF Complaints Procedure
BCF Constitution (as amended 12 October 2016)

ECF 2014/15 accounts
ECF 2013/14 accounts

ECF 2012/13 accounts
ECF 2011/12 accounts 1 | 2
ECF 2010/11 accounts
ECF 2009/10 accounts
ECF 2008/9 accounts
ECF 2007/8 accounts

BCF 2014/15 accounts
BCF 2013/14 accounts
BCF 2012/13 accounts
BCF 2011/12 accounts
BCF 2010/11 accounts

International Selection Policy 2014

BICC Agreement 2007 in respect of the British Chess Championships
Behind the Scenes at the ECF
Compliance with Data Protection
ECF Membership Application – Organisation
Framework Agreement for MOs