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February 2016
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Council Papers

ECF Annual General Meeting October 2015
This year’s AGM takes place at the Euston Square Hotel, London – map and directions here – on Saturday 17 October starting at 1.30 p.m.

C23 Agenda (amended 9 October – notes 1 and 2 below)
C23.4 Voting register (final version reflecting actual attendance)
C23.6 Minutes of the Finance Council Meeting of 18 April 2015

C23.9.1 President
C23.9.2 Chief Executive (added 10 October)
C23.9.3 Director of Finance
C23.9.4.1 Director of Home Chess
C23.9.4.2 Director of Junior Chess & Education
C23.9.4.3 Director of International Chess
C23.9.4.4 Director of Membership
C23.9.4.5 Commercial Director
C23.9.4.6 Non-Executive Directors (see note 3 below)
C23.9.5 1 FIDE delegate (added 7 October, modified 8 October)
C23.9.5.2 Chairman of the Governance Committee
C23.9.5.3 Chairman of the Finance Committee
C23.9.5.4 Sport and Recreation Alliance Representative (added 11 October)

Election addresses
C23.11.2 Chief Executive – Phil Ehr
C23.11.3 Director of Finance – David Eustace
C23.11.4 Non-Executive Director – Julian Clissold
C23.11.4 Non-Executive Director – Julie Denning
C23.11.4 Non-Executive Director – Chris Fegan
C23.11.5.1 Director of Home Chess – Alex Holowczak
C23.11.5.1 Director of Home Chess – John Foley
C23.11.5.3 Director of Junior Chess & Education – Traci Whitfield
C23.11.5.4 Director of International Chess – David Openshaw
C23.11.5.4 Director of International Chess – Malcolm Pein
C23.11.5.5 Commercial Director – Bob Kane

C23.12 Awards
C23.13.1 Report of the Independent Governance and Constitutional Review Commission
C23.13.2 Implementation of the report – the way ahead
C23.15 – County Championship entry fees (added 30 September)
C23.16 Communications strategy
C23.17 Strategic Planning
C23,18 Conflict of Interest policy
C23.18 Notes for guidance on register of interests
C23.18 Register of interests
Interests declared by directors, election candidates and other officials (as at 16 October)

Note 1 – the agenda was amended on 24 September to include on its face the two proposals relating to the implementation of the report of the Independent Governance and Constitutional Review Commission included in the supporting paper for C23.13.2 and to remove two of the proposals previously included in C23.15 which the SCCU does not wish to proceed with at the present meeting.

Note 2 – the agenda was further amended on 9 October to reflect the decision of Chris Fegan to withdraw as a candidate for Non-Executive Director.

Note 3 – the report of the Non-Executive Directors was received in good time but not uploaded until 2 October as a result of an oversight on the part of the Company Secretary.

BCF Annual Council Meeting 17 October 2015

C21 Agenda
C21.3 Voting Register (final version reflecting actual attendance)
C21.4 Minutes of the EGM of 18 April 2015
C21.6 Annual report of the BCF Management Board (draft added 17 October)
C21.7.1 BCF accounts for the year ended 31 August 2015 (deferred to Finance Council meeting)
C21.7.2 Chess Centre Ltd accounts for the year ended 31 August 2015 (added 17 October)
C21.7.3 John Robinson Youth Chess Trust accounts for the year ended 31 August 2015

ECF Finance Council Meeting April 2015
This year’s Finance Council Meeting takes place at the Ibis Hotel, Ladywell Walk, Arcadian Centre, Birmingham B5 4ST – map and directions here – on Saturday 18 April 2015 starting at 1.30 pm.
C22 – Agenda
C22.2.4 – Voting Register (updated to reflect actual attendance)
C22.3 – October 2014 AGM minutes
C22.5 – ECF accounts for the year ended 31 August 2014
C22.6 – Report of the Chairman of the Finance Committee (added 5 April)
C22.7 – Strategy Statement
C22.9 – National Chess Library
C22.10 – Report of the Finance Director
C22.10 – Detailed forecast and budget
C22.10 – Supplementary paper on ECF finances (added 9 April)
C22.11 – Proposal to narrow the gap between Bronze and Silver (added 3 April)
C22.12 – Membership analysis (updated 4 April)
C22.15 – Pay to Play fees in FIDE-rated events
C22.18 – Proposed amendments to the Procedural ByeLaws
C22.19.1 – Regulation No. 4 – Standards of Conduct for ECF Officials
C22.19.2 – Regulation No. 5 – ECF Complaints Procedure
C22.20 – Discontinuance of the printed Yearbook and diary

BCF EGM April 2015
This year’s BCF EGM will be held at the Ibis Hotel, Ladywell Walk, Birmingham B5 4ST on Saturday 18 April 2015 during the afternoon adjournment of the English Chess Federation Council meeting.
C20 – Agenda
C20.2 – Voting register (updated to reflect actual attendance)
C20.3 – October 2014 AGM minutes
C20.5.1 – BCF accounts for the year ended 31 August 2014
C20.5.2 – Chess Centre Ltd accounts for the 16 months ended 31 August 2014
C20.5.3 – John Robinson Youth Chess Trust accounts for the year ended 31 August 2014

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