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October 2014
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Council Papers

ECF Annual General Meeting October 2014
This year’s Annual General Meeting takes place at the Malmaison Hotel, Birmingham on 11th October starting at 1.30 p.m.
C21 – Agenda
C21.3 – Voting Register (version  as at 10 October 2014)
C21.5 – April 2014 Finance Council minutes
C21.6.1 – Terms of Reference for the Independent Constitutional and Governance Review Committee
C21.6.2 – Relations with FIDE
C21.7.1 – Chief Executive’s report
C21.7.2 – Director of Finance’s report
C21.7.3.1 – Director of Home Chess’s report
C21.7.3.2 – Director of Junior Chess & Education’s report
C21.7.3.3 – Director of International Chess’s report
C21.7.3.4 – Director of Membership’s report
C21.7.3.5 – Commercial Director’s report
C21. – Non-Executive Director’s report (Julian Clissold)
C21. – Non-Executive Director’s report (Angus French)
C21. – Non-Executive Director’s report (Sean Hewitt) (awaited)
C21.7.4.1 – FIDE Delegate’s report
C21.7.4.2 – Chairman of the Governance Committee’s report
C21.7.4.3 – Chairman of the Finance Committee’s report
C21.7.4.4 – Sport & Recreation Alliance Representatives report
C21.9 – Changes to Regulation No. 2
C21.10.1 – Dominic Lawson election address
C21.10.2 – Phil Ehr election address
C21.10.3 – David Eustace election address
C21.10.4 – Laurence Ball election address
C21.10.4 – Julian Clissold election address
C21.10.4 – John Foley election address
C21.10.5.1 – Alex Holowczak election address
C21.10.5.2 – David Levens election address
C21.10.5.2 – Traci Whitfield election address
C21.10.5.3 – David Openshaw election address
C21.10.5.5 – Bob Kane election address
C21.10.6.1 – Malcolm Pein election address
C21.10.6.1 – Stewart Reuben election address
C21.10.7.4 – David Robertson election address
C21.11 – Awards for 2014
C21.11 Addendum – BCET Awards
C21.12.1 – Codes of conduct
C21.12.2 – Complaints procedure
C21.13 – Proposal on adjudications
C21.14 – Game Fee discussion paper

BCF Annual Council Meeting October 2014
C19 – Agenda
C19.3 – Voting register (as at 8 October 2014)
C19.4 – Minutes of April EGM
C19.6 – Annual report of the Management Board

ECF Finance Council Meeting April 2014
This year’s Finance Council Meeting takes place at the Euston Square Hotel, London – map and directions here – on the 12th April starting at 1.30 p.m.
C20 – April 2014 Finance Council Agenda
C20.2.1 – Julian Clissold apologies
C20.2.4 – Voting Register (this is being updated as membership applications, proxies and changes in representatives are notified)
C20.3 – October 2013 AGM Council Minutes
C20.5 – ECF Accounts 2012-13

C20.5 – Detailed Management Accounts
C20.5 – Accounts Commentary
C20.6 – Report of the Chairman of the Finance Committee
C20.7 – Finance Report
C20.7 – Detailed Forecast and Budget
C20.8 – Olympiad Funding
C20.9 – ECF Strategy
C20.12 – Proposal by Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club
C20.15 – Charity paper (this also relates to BCF 18.6)
C20.16 – Transformation White Paper
C20.17 – ECU General Assembly
C20.19 – Amendments to Regulation No.3
C20.20 – Report of the Director of Membership
C20.20 – Membership Analysis March 2014

BCF EGM April 2014
BCF C18 – April 2014 Agenda
BCF C18.2 – Voting Register
BCF C18.3 – October 2013 AGM minutes
BCF C18.5 – Accounts
BCF C18.5.1 – BCF 2011 Accounts
BCF C18.5.2 – BCF 2012 Accounts
BCF C18.5.3 – BCF 2013 Accounts
BCF C18.5.4 – Chess Centre Ltd 2013 accounts
BCF C18.5.5 – John Robinson Trust 2013 accounts
BCF C18.6 – Charity paper (this also relates to ECF 20.15)

ECF Annual General Meeting October 2013
This year’s AGM takes place at the Euston Square Hotel, London – map and directions here – on the 12th October starting at 12.30 p.m.
C19 – Agenda
C19.3 – Voting Register
Please advise any queries to the Voting Register Officer by 10 October
C19.3 – Consolidated Voting Register with proxies @ 9 October
C19.5 – Minutes of the Finance Council Meeting of 13 April 2013

NB – points of accuracy will only be considered if these are notifed to the ECF Office by 10 October
C19.6.1.1 – Counties Championship Proposals held over
C19.6.1.2 – SCCU Counties Championship Proposals
C19.6.2 – Charitable Status survey results
C19.7.1 – President’s report
C19.7.2 – Non-executive Chairman’s report
C19.7.4.1 – Home Director’s report
C19.7.4.2 – Junior Director’s report
C19.7.4.3 – International Director’s report
C19.7.4.4 – Membership & Marketing Director’s report      
C19.7.4.5 – Non-Executive report
C19.7.5.1 – FIDE Delegate’s report
C19.7.5.2 – Chairman of the Governance Committee’s report
C19.7.5.3 – Chairman of the Finance Committee’s report
C19.7.5.4 – Sport & Recreation Alliance representative’s report
C19.9 – Amendments to Regulation No. 2
C19.10 – Amendments to the Articles to remove the post of Chairman
C19.11.1 – Roger Edwards election address
C19.11.1 – Andrew Paulson election address
C19.11.2 – Phil Ehr election address
C19.11.2 – Andrew Moore election address
C19.11.4 – David Eustace election address
C19.11.5 – Julian Clissold election address
C19.11.5 – Angus French election address
C19.11.5 – Sean Hewitt election address
C19.11.6.1 – Alex Holowczak election address
C19.11.6.2 – Lawrence Cooper election address
C19.11.6.3 – David Openshaw election address
C19.11.6.4 – David Thomas election address
C19.12 – Awards
C19.12 Addendum – BCET awards
C19.13.1 – Complaints procedure
C19.13.2 – Clarification on membership issue
C19.14 – Proposal on definition of “the requisitionists”
C19.17 – SCCU Proposal on Membership
C19.18 – Proposal for a Manager of Senior Chess

BCF AGM October 2013
C17 – Agenda
C17.2 – Voting Register

C17.3 – Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of 13 April 2013
C17.5 – Annual Report of the Management Board
C17.6.3(a) – John Robinson Youth Chess Trust accounts for the year ended 31 August 2012
C17.6.3(b) – Report by the Trustees of the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust

ECF Finance Council Meeting 2013
This year’s AGM takes place in the Ibis Hotel in Birmingham – map and directions here on the 13th April 2013 starting at 1.30pm
C18 – Agenda
C18.2 – Minutes of the October 2012 AGM
C18.3 – Voting Register
C18.3 – Consolidated Voting Register incorporating proxies
C18.4.1 – Charitable status update
C18.5 – Accounts for the Year ended 30th April 2012
C18.5 – Commentary on the Accounts
C18.6.1 – Membership Paper
C18.6.2 – Membership Scheme and Cheshire & North Wales
C18.7 – Report of the Chairman of the Finance Committee
C18.9.1 – Budget Report
C18.9.2 – Detailed Budget
C18.14 – Amendment to the Game Fee Bye Laws
C18.15 – International teams
C18.16 – Complaints procedure
C18.17 – A Discussion of the Counties Championship Rule Change Proposals

BCF EGM April 2013
C16 – Agenda
C16.2 – Voting Register
C16.3.1 – October 2012 Minutes of AGM
C16.3.2 – January 2013 Minutes of EGM
C16.5.1 – draft BCF accounts for the year ended 30 April 2011
C16.5.2 – draft BCF accounts for the year ended 30 April 2012

BCF EGM January 2013
A BCF Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on Saturday 12 January 2013, starting at 1.00 p.m., with the main purpose being the extension of the Permanent Invested Fund trust deed. The meeting will be held at the Daventry Court Hotel, Sedgemoor Way, Northamptonshire, Daventry NN11 0SG, where Division 3 South of the 4NCL is taking place that weekend … click here for directions and a map
C15 – Agenda
C15.2 – Voting Register
C15.3 – Paper on the PIF

ECF AGM October 2012
This year’s AGM takes place in the Ibis Hotel in Birmingham – map and directions here – on the 13th October 2012 starting at 1.30pm
C17 – AGM Agenda
C17.3 – Voting Register
C17.3 – Consolidated Voting Register with proxies
C17.3 – Voting Register Amendments
C17.5 – April 2012 Finance Council Draft Minutes
Any comments on the draft should be submitted to minutes secretary David Eustace here
C17.7.2 – CEO’s Report 2012
C17.7.4.2 – Statement on the Accounts
C17.7.5 – Achievement Report
C17.7.6.1 – Home Chess report
C17.7.6.2 – Junior Director’s Report
C17.7.6.3 – 2012 International Director’s Report
C17.7.6.4 – Marketing Report
C17.7.7.1 – FIDE Delegate’s Report
C17.7.7.2 – Governance Chairman’s report
C17.7.7.3 – Finance Chairmans Report
C17.7.7.4 – Report of the ECF Sport and Recreation Alliance Representative 2012
C17.9 – Changes to Regulation No. 2
C17.11 – Motion on Roger Edwards Election Address
C17.12.1 – Roger Edwards Election Address
C17.12.4 – Chris Mattos Election Address
C17.12.5 – Sean Hewitt Election Address
C17.12.6.1 – Alex Holowczak Election Address
C17.12.7.1 – Nigel Short Election Address
C17.12.7.1 – Rupert Jones Election Address
C17.13 – ECF Awards 2012
C17.14 – Strategic Plan
C17.15 – Summary of Responses on Consultations
C17.16 – Change to Financial Year End
C17.17 – Proposal re Standards
C17.18 – Charitable Status
C17.19 – Proposed Changes to Articles and Bye Laws
C17.20 – Grading Proposal

The following documents are the amended Articles and Bye Laws as revised following the Charity Commission’s feedback.  As indicated in C17.18 these have been included for information only with the AGM papers.  Council is NOT being asked to agree these at this time.
ECF Memorandum and Articles amended for charitable status
Bye Law No 1 Revised
Bye Law No 2 Revised
Bye Law No 3 Revised
Bye Law No 4 Revised

BCF AGM October 2012
C14 – Oct 2012 agenda
C14.2 – Voting Register
C14.2 – October 2011 AGM Minutes
C14.6.3 – Chess Centre Ltd 2011 Accounts
C14.6.4 – John Robinson Trust 2011 Accounts
C14.6.4 – John Robinson Trust Report

ECF August 2012 Written Resolution
ECF August 2012 Written Resolution paper
ECF Revised Budget 2012/13
Commentary on 2012/13 ECF Budget
Voting Register for August 2012 Written Resolution
The resolution was carried by 123 votes to 9

ECF Finance Council Meeting 2012
This year’s Finance Council Meeting takes place in the Euston Square Hotel, 152-156 North Gower Street, London NW1 2LU Tel: 020 7388 0099 on the 14th April 2012 starting at 1.30pm
C16 – Agenda
C16.2.4 – Voting register – updated 11/04/2012
C16.3 – AGM Minutes October 2011
C16.5 – Chief Executive Officer’s report
C16.6 – FIDE Delegate’s report
C16.7 – ECF accounts 2010-11
C16.7B – Statement by the Finance Director
C16.8 – Report of the Chairman of the Finance Committee
C16.10 – Business Plan 2012
C16.11 – Budget Report
C16.11B – Funding calculations
C16.11C – Detailed 2012-13 budget
C16.11D – British Championships forecast recast (as tabled at the meeting)
C16.12 – Membership rates proposals – (V2 incorporating three-year membership rates)
C16.14 – Game Fee Rates proposals
C16.16 – Charitable Status
C16.17 – Governance
C16.18 – Financial Capital
C16.19 – Changing the ECF’s accounting year
C16.20 – Codes of Conduct
C16.21 – Junior ECF Membership
C16.22 – County Championship Rules Redraft
C16.22B – County Championship Rules Redraft note

BCF Extraordinary Council Meeting April 2012
This will take place during an interval in the ECF Finance Council meeting (above)
C13 – Agenda
C13.2 – Voting register
Item 4 on the agenda will consider the BCF implications of the financial capital consultation paper, which is available as a download under the ECF papers as C16.18

ECF January 2012 Written Resolution
Covering Note – John Philpott
2011 Accounts Draft
Covering Paper on the ECF Accounts – Gareth Caller
Voting Register for the Written Resolution
The resolution was carried by 152 votes to 1

ECF AGM October 2011
For a Google map of the AGM location (the Euston Square Hotel) click here
C15 – Agenda

C15.3 – Voting Register

C15.5 – Minutes of Finance Council Meeting April 2011
C15.7.1 – President’s Report
C15.7.2 – Chief Executive’s Report
C15.7.4.1 – Finance Director’s Report
C15.7.4.2 – ECF Accounts
C15.7.5 – Achievement Report 2011
C15.7.6.1 – Home Chess Report
C15.7.6.2 – Junior Chess Report
C15.7.6.3 – International Report
C15.7.6.4 – Marketing Report
C15.7.6.5 – Non-Executive Directors report
C15.7.7.1 – FIDE Delegate’s Report
C15.7.7.2 – Governance Chairman’s report
C15.7.7.3 – SRA Representative’s Report
C15.9 – Changes to Regulation No. 2
C15.10 – Candidates for election at the 2011 AGM
C15.10.6.2 – Junior Director Statements - Sabrina Chevannes | Phil Ehr
C15.10.6.4 – ECF Marketing Director Statement – Tim Woolgar
C15.11 – ECF Awards 2011 | President’s Awards | Club of the Year
C15.12 – Strategic Plan 2011
C15.13.1 – ECF Funding Proposals [DOC | PDF] (change to Page 4 made 22/09/11)
C15.13 – Supplementary Paper (Q&A)
C15.13.3A – Bye-Law No. 1
C15.13.3B Bye-Law No. 2
C15.13.4 – Rates Proposals

BCF AGM October 15th 2011
C12 – Agenda
C12.2 – Voting Register
C12.3.1 – AGM Oct 2010 minutes
C12.3.2 – EGM April 2011 minutes
C12.6.4 – John Robinson Trust Accounts


English Chess Federation Finance Council – April 16th 2011
C14 Agenda
C14.2 – Voting Register
(amended 5/4/11)
C14.3 – AGM Minutes Oct 2010

C14.5 – 2011-12 Business Plan

C14.6 – Budget Report 2011-2012
C14.10 – Detailed 2011-12 budget(multi-page document, Excel)
C14.11 – The Funding of the English Chess Federation

C14.12 – Proposed change to the Articles

C14.13 – Proposed changes to the County Championship Rules

C14.14 – Governance Issues

The 2011-12 Business Plan is complemented by the Supplement to the Business Plan, which is updated from time to time. The latest version of the Supplement may be found here

There is a supplementary paper on Game Fee available here. This is not an official paper for the purposes of Finance Council, but it may be of interest by way of background to the Funding Proposals

This year’s Finance Council Meeting takes place in the IBIS Hotel, 21 Ladywell Walk, Birmingham, West Midlands B5 4ST | Tel: 0121 622 6010 | Web:

Tight for time? Download the Council papers as a zip file here


BCF Extraordinary Council Meeting – April 16th 2011
C11 – Agenda
C11.2 – Voting Register


ECF Council AGM – October 16th 2010
Latest – AGM vote for Non Executive Director
– Unfortunately the auditors have not been able to complete the audit of the ECF annual report and accounts in time to present the final version to Council.  There are a number of queries outstanding.  Most of these queries relate to documentation that we need to provide to the auditors before they can finalise their opinion.  Only one of the outstanding queries might have an impact on the end of year surplus.  It is not clear whether this query will increase or decrease the surplus, but the overall impact is likely to be less than £300.  Therefore, the financial position shown in the draft accounts can be taken as representative of the state of the ECF’s finances as at 30th April 2010.  The audited accounts will be posted on the ECF website as soon as the audit is complete.
The Board apologies to Council for the failure to provide audited accounts for the AGM and is asking Council to approve the accounts subject audit
C13 Agenda
C13.3 ECF Voting Register

C13.5 Applications for Membership

C13.6 Minutes of April 2010 Finance Council Meeting

C13.8.2 Chief Executive’s Report

C13.8.3 Chairman’s Report

C13.8.4.1 Finance Director’s Report
| C13.8.4.1 Annex
C13.8.4.2 ECF 2009-10 Accounts

C13.8.5 Achievement Report 2010

C13.8.6.1 Report from the Director of Home Chess

C13.8.6.1a Grading Report
C13.8.6.2 Report from the Director of Junior Chess
C13.8.6.3 International Director’s Report
C13.8.6.4 Marketing Director’s Report
C13.8.6.5 Non-Executive Directors Report
C13.8.7.2 Governance Chairman’s Report
C13.8.7.3 Report of the ECF CCPR Representative
C13.10 – Changes to Regulation No. 2
C13.11.2 CEO Election Address – Andrew Farthing
C13.12 Office Review and Funding Options
C13.13 Proposal to FIDE-rate the Open section of the Counties Championship
C13.14 – Proposal for more frequent grading lists – AR/DHC
C13.15 – Long Term Strategic Plan
C13.16 ECF Awards Report – John Wickham
C13.17 HLM Cynthia and Robert Gurney
C13.18 Amendments to Articles
C13.19 – Amendments to the Byelaws

The Ibis Hotel in Birmingham – map & directions
To download a zip file of the ECF AGM papers click here


BCF Council AGM - October 16th 2010
C10 Agenda
C10.3 BCF Voting Register
C10.6 BCF Annual Report

C10.4.1 BCF AGM Minutes 17 October 2009

C10.4.2 BCF EGM Minutes Apr 10, 2010
C10.7.1 BCF Accounts 2009
Please note – these accounts in amended form were reloaded 12/10/10 – please download them again if your copies are older
C10.7.2 BCF Accounts 2010

Please note – these accounts in amended form were reloaded 12/10/10 – please download them again if your copies are older
C10.7.3 Chess Centre Accounts
C10.7.4 BCF Youth Chess Trust Accounts
| BCF Youth Trust Report
C10.7.5 John Robinson Trust Annual Accounts
| John Robinson Trust Report
C10.8.1/8.2 BCF Amendments to the Constitution

C10.8.3 BCF Audit Arrangements for the BCF Accounts

To download a zip file of the BCF AGM papers click here


English Chess Federation Finance Council – April 17th 2010
C12 ECF Agenda (amended 6.4.10)
Please note – verbal report only for election of Gerry Walsh to HLVP (C12.5)
Corrected item on membership item to align with the Voting Form (C12.11)
C12.2.3 Voting RegisterC12.3 Minutes of the ECF AGM October 2009
Please note the following amendments (12/4/10) –
1 The Chairman and Minutes Secretary for the meeting have been identified at end of section
2 At the end of 10.7.1, the words “re-elected unopposed” have been inserted
C12.6 Report by the ECF President
C12.7 Chief Executives Report
C12.7.1 Chess for Schools Report
C12.8 Report by the Finance Committee Chairman
C12.9.1 Business Plan Part I
C12.9.2 Business Plan Part II
C12.10.1 Budget Report
C12.10.2 Budget 2010-2011
C12.16 Changes to Articles for Post of Chairman
C12.17 Proposal to Change Grading Procedures


BCF Council AGM October 2009
C8 Notification and Agenda
C8.4.1 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
C8.4.2 Minutes of the EGM April 2009
C8.6.2 Chess Centre Accounts
C8.6.3 BCF Youth Chess Trust Report and Accounts (1)
C8.6.3 BCF Youth Chess Trust Report and Accounts (2)
C8.6.4 Report by the Trustees of the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust
C8.6.4 Accounts by the Trustees of the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust


ECF Council AGM October 2009
C11 Notification and Agenda
C11.5.1 Minutes of the Finance Council Meeting April 2009
C11.6.1 Report on Matters Arising
C11.7.1 Report by ECF President Gerry Walsh
C11.7.2 Report by ECF CEO Chris Majer
C11.7.3 Chess for Schools Update – CEO Chris Majer
C11.7.4.1 Finance Report by John Philpott (received 14/10/2009)
ECF 2009 accounts
C11.7.5 Achievement Report 2008/2009
C11.7.6.1 Report by the Director of Home Chess
C11.7.6.2 Report by the Manager of Grading and Rating
C11.7.6.3 Report by the Director of Junior Chess and Education
C11.7.6.4 Report by the Director of International Chess
C11.7.6.5 Report by the Director of Marketing
C11.7.6.6 Report by the Non-Executive Directors
C11.7.7.1 Report by Gerry Walsh as FIDE Delegate/Election Address by Gerry Walsh as Candidate for FIDE Delegate
C11.7.7.2 Report by theChairman of the Governance Committee
C11.7.7.3 Report by the ECF CCPR Representative
Supplementary Report of the ECF CCPR Representative (received 7/10/2009)
C11.8 Changes to ECF Regulation No 2 – The Directors’ and Officers’ Responsibilities Regulations
C11.9.1 Election Address by C J de Mooi as Candidate for President
C11.9.1 Election Address by John Paines as Candidate for President
C11.9.2 Election Address by Chris Majer standing as Chief Executive
C11.9.4 Election Address by Sean Hewitt as Candidate for Non-Executive Director

C11.9.5.1 Election Address by Cyril Johnson as Candidate for Director of Home Chess
C11.9.5.1 Election Address by Adam Raoof as Candidate for Director of Home Chess
C11.9.5.3 Election Address by Lawrence Cooper as Candidate for Director of International Chess
C11.9.5.4 Election Address by Stewart Reuben as Candidate for Director of Marketing
C11/9/6/1 Election Address by Nigel Short as Candidate for FIDE/ECU Delegate (received 5/10/2009)
C11.9.10 Nomination for Honorary Life Member – Tim Bristow
C11.10 Awards 2009
C11.11 Long Term Strategic Plan